Here, we will take you back to the monsters that the eternal monster will be a reincarnation of this person in the occupation of the prochaine sortie de la four seasons de la series Strange things. Et alors que de nombreux fan supporters eagerly la suite de la Netflix seriesnot la premiere party sort it out at the end of the month, you don’t have the chance to see it the premiere episode in front of the premiere. Voici leurs reactions.

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Cela va faire quelques années maintenant que les fans visitaient impatiemment la suite de la serie Strange thingsprevious season in 2019. This is the opportunity to retaliate for the Hawkins gang and to discover what will happen after our adventures.

Pour the rappel, Strange things to make your debut on Netflix in 2016, and you are very familiar with a verifiable success in the traverse of the globe, at the point of being one of the diffuse series in streaming plus views in the world. The series, to my liking between the horror and the fantastic, not only sums up the successes of the names of the references of the 1980s, which was made by the echo of the fantastic fiction and epoch.

An ad has been published for the last time we have received a post about who will be able to visit this season. The fans are still looking forward to retrieving the famous Hawkins gang, but he is able to live and see what new news he has, and who he is, even more intriguing than all that he says.

And so, Netflix is ​​hosting the premiere mondiale de Strange things 4. More members of the media were presenting gifts, and the platform for streaming light after tweets after the first reactions suite in the first episode immediately after the end of the premiere. And as soon as you visit, they are mostly positive.

The first episode of # Strangers4 it immediately gets darker than we saw before and I really enjoyed it. The show looks more mature, reflecting how these characters and audiences have grown, and retaining the same elements that make it # Strange things.

May 15, 2022

The premiere episode of # StrangerThings4 is a direct plus that will make us feel great and I really love it. The series of spells plus spells, reflective ones make the characters and the public on the big ones, all in the conservative elements that are in the #StrangerThings font.

I LOVED # Strangers4. This is the season to complete all seasons. А ++++. I can only express my thoughts on episode 1 before the lifting of the full embargo 23/5, but it cannot be missed. Just amazing. # Strange things

May 15, 2022

I’d love to # StrangerThings4. This is the season that ends with all the seasons. А ++++. Je ne peux donner mon avis que sur l’épisode 1 jusqu’à la levée de l’embargo complet le 23 mai, mais il ne faut pas le manquer. All inclusive increyable.

I’ve seen a few episodes # Strangers4
but I am only allowed to write about ep. 1

They spent $ 30 million on the episode and …
every penny on the screen.

The final, MEGA film of the 80s
to finish all the movies of the 80’s ud83d udd25 u270a

Review of the lifting of the embargo 23.05

May 15, 2022

Additional series # StrangerThings4 are more authorized on Twitter in the 1st series.

It’s about $ 30 million per episode for and … every day is on screen.

The latest mega-movie from the 80s per meter to all the 80s movies.

The embargo on the critiques is on May 23rd

The first episode of # Strangers4 is ud83d udc4d. It’s almost an hour and 15 minutes of tuning and I liked it. Instead of rushing into the season, the Dafer brothers are in no hurry and do a lot of character creation. Not what I expected and love when it happens. # Strange things

May 15, 2022

The premiere episode of # StrangerThings4 is at the top. It’s been a long time and 15 minutes of mass in place and I love it. In the field of precipice in the season, the Duffer brothers take their time and font to be able to build their personal lives. Pas ce à quoi je m’attendais et j’adore quand ça fait ça.

Episode 1 of # Strangers4 this is the next evolution of the favorite series. The staging is at its best, and the scarecrows are gaining up to 11. Joe Curry remains the favorite, and the new cast brings something fresh.# Strange things @Netflix @Netflix_CA @Stranger_Things

May 15, 2022

Episode 1 # StrangerThings4 is an evolution of the Adorée series. The production is for the better and the guys are very present. Joe Keery rested a favorite, tandis que les nouveaux acteurs adortent quelque chose de nouveau.

Episode 1 of # Strangers4 both fascinating and terrifying. The story goes back to its roots and gives the most exciting and sinister season. Miley Bobby both #eventeen continues to steal the show, and the rest of the cast is fantastic. Fans are waiting for skating! @Stranger_Things

May 15, 2022

The first episode of # StrangerThings4 is exciting and terrifying. The history of the return to his races and off the season of the most exciting and more sinister jamais vue. Millie Bobby in the role of #Eleven continues to want the wedding and the rest of the casting is fantastic. The fans are going to take full view!

Episode 1 of # Strangers4 creates the ground for the darkest and scariest season. The scale is big, the camera work is great, and the new and returning characters are stellar. I am so happy to be back in this world.@Netflix @Stranger_Things# Strange things @Netflix_CA

May 15, 2022

Episode 1 of # StrangerThings4 prepares the terrain for the season plus manure and the most effervescent. L’Echelle is massive, the cinematography is magnificent and the new characters and great things are so great. I am always happy to be back in the world.

The entrance to the saluent donc “the return in shape” of the series, a certain assessment of what happened to the most effective episode Strange things to this day. The results of the project’s production, which is known to cover the streaming platform, will be paid 30 million dollars per season.

The first part of the quatrain of Strange things season is available on Netflix on May 27tandis que le reste de la saison sera diffusé le 1er juillet.

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