The French EDF Energy Group will also announce the construction of the new generation of nuclear power plants (EPR) at Hinkley Point in Angleterre. euro.

“The demarcation of the production of the electricity of the unit 1 is the first test in June 2027. The risk of a report on the levraison of the two units evaluated in 15 months, in addition to the absence of new and new war in the war. Ukraine », indicated by the group in a communiqué.

This is a first time

Initially, the demarcation took place in 2025, and it was completed last year, in June 2026. The central site is located in Somerset (south-west of Angleterre).

EDF is the source of the project “between 25 and 26 billion sterling books” from 2015, against 18 billion in 2016, lors du feu vert du gouvernement britannique et du debut du chantier.
The retard is on the account of two of the pandemics: Plus, the volume of studies and works of civil genius, and the work of these works and the specifics of marital affairs, augmentation “, explained the group.

Le prochain jalon sera la pose du dôme sur l’unité 1 de la centrale, au deuxième trimester 2023, contre fin 2022 précédemment. The project, controversy over the origin and competition of the French unions for their own account, has been revalued between 22 and 23 billion livers. Il n’a pas échappé pas aux deboires subis par d’autres EPR.

The other EPRs also have accumulated a lot of retard

The EPR (European Pressure Reactor) is a model of a nuclear reactor plus power and power to be more than the previous generations. Three are terminated in Finland and China, and three are under construction, one in France and two in Hinkley Point.

However, the Finnish Reactor (Olkiluoto-3) will be released in March with two retarded years, and some of the most popular EPRs in the service in 2018 and 2019, will be in the end of July and 2019.

Quantity of the French reactor, in Flamanville, the retarded cumulus attest to this year for a charging du combustible desormais first in the second trimester of 2023, and the cost is 12.7 billion dollars in 2022 2023 In 2006, the reactor with a capacity of 1,650 MW announced 3.3 billion euros.

EDF and complexity

EDF cumule les mauvaises nouvelles depuis le debut de l’année. The group recapitalized in April, and benefited from the plunger this year in a large part of the French State, is in demand for sales plus electricity at the bass price, a file on the PDG lequel in public.

Out of the retards of the French and English EPR, the group also needs to solve a problem of corrosion of conductors that was forced to arrest 12 of the 56 French reactors. In total, plus the moitié of the reactors of France are aujourd’hui à l’arrêt pour maintenance.

Hinkley Point C is the central nuclear power plant in the Royaume-Uni building. EDF exerts the masterpiece of learning, you are a partner of the CGN Chinese network and a project. She also lives at Hinkley Point B Nuclear Power Plant, a service station in 1976, and the EDF is ready to be built in July 2022.

The EPR, in the heart of energy strategy

The out-of-Manche ambition will be maintained at 20% of the nuclear part in the energy bouquet to extend the carbon neutrality in 2050, which will currently include 15 reactors at the site. In 2030, London will produce 95% of its electricity from carbon.

In France, EPR technology remains at the heart of energy strategy. President Emanuel Macron has announced the intention of a launcher and a nuclear program with six new-generation EPR2 reactors that feature climate-specific power generation.

He chantier au long cours n’aboutira pas durant le quinquennat. The first month in service is not visited before 2035 or 2037. However, financial financing is immutable and considerable, with an estimated cost of more than 50 billion euros for 6 reactors.

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