They are about 440,000 years old to work in the car market in France. Directly built in buildings, or in the service of equipment, for cleaning, from some years ago, to 15% of mines. In particular, it is clear that the patrons of the enterprises of the company will be able to hold a conference on the occasion of the car accident. Et chacun d’avancer ses propres chiffres, tous plutôt terrifiants.

100,000 employs supprimés d’ici 2035

Pour Claude Cham, the fédée d’éné de de Fieve (the union of the equivers), les effectsifs vont baisser de 45 000 persón d’ici 3 ans, “Minimum”. Selon Luca de Meo, boss de Reno, son «Between 50,000 and 70,000 employees who are at risk of losing». Enfin, Luc Chatel, the president of the PFA (the car platform, who regrouped all the cars of the car), is a little more optimistic about the last years, more beautiful than pessimistic about the next ones. Selon l’ancien minister, «La devrait devrait supprimer 32 000 d’ici 2025, mais 100 000 d’ici 2035». Carrément.

Selon les 3 dirigeants, le fautif de cette hécatombe a un seul nom: la transition énergétique, en clair: la voiture electric, seule responsap de leurs maux puisqu’elle néscessite beaucoup moins de mainness œubonés evretroques. The car of watts and its generalization are less generative than the traditional car, which is a fabrication of its origin, it is unreliable. Pourtant, il est quelques autres fénomènes qui font plonger le sector vers un avenir plutôt sombre et que ses patrons n’ont pas évoqués. Phenomena of endemic floats and hexagonal specialties that explicitly equalize this base of invisible effects.

Le Peugeot 2008, as one of the bestsellers in France, is not manufactured in France.

The declarations of the Meo, Chatel and Cham messiers are currently in the form of a commercial deficit of the French car in the first trimester of this year. It is 4.7 billion euros and a share of 400 million on the rapport. Bien sur, la pénurie de composants et de majeres premières explicé l’aggravement de ce déficit, mais pas les milliards qu’il afffiche depuis des années. The electric car is not a big choice.

The main reason for this is the search of the cottage or the assembly of the French voyages. It’s simple: absolutely no national bestseller is made of hexagonal sol. Renault Captur and Peugeot 2008, an urban SUV in a carton? The Viennese of Spain. La Clio 5? She is made in Turkey. Quantity of the best Dacia Sandero archives, the sort of Pitesti chains in Romania.

Evidently, the little cars, for all the constructors of the world, are for rent. Or, France is the specialist of decades, after the war of precision. This situation is not one of the most important policies of the epoch of failure to help in the reason for other political decisions that favor the best and most important things. Car le bonus-malus en vigueur les favorise, et pousse donc indirectly the industries to unlocate the production of these cars at a fair margin.

Le SUV MG ZS EV, how do other electricians come to us auront-ils raison de nos occidentaux constructions?
Le SUV MG ZS EV, how do other electricians come to us auront-ils raison de nos occidentaux constructions?

The electric car will do good, it will be possible to relocate the production in France, you will be able to compete for the price of the main elevator in our country. This is the Megane e-tech factory in Douai. On condition that Asian brands, not only Chinese, do not differ in the mass production in Europe. A feuilleton who is loin d’être achevé.

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