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Jusqu’alors director of the Museum of the History of Immigration, Pap Ndiaye, was appointed by the Minister of National Education and the Youth. Respected University, the specialist in social history of the United States and the minorities present a profile in the rupture with a kiss of his predecessor, Jean-Michel Blanquer.

In the nomination constitutes the surprise of the new government of Elisabeth Borne, opened on May 20. Arrivée de Pap Ndiaye à la tête du ministère de l’Education nationalale est d’autant plus inattendue que le profil de cet universitaire apparaît en rupture avec celui de son prédécesseur, Jean-Michel Blanquer.

Not one of the Senegalese and one of the French, this 56-year-old is a specialist in the social history of the United States and minorities. It occupies the last day of the post of director of the Museum of the History of Immigration.

Ancien élève de l’École normale supérieure de Saint-Cloud, agrégé d’histoire et titulaire d’un doctorat obtenu à l’École des hautes etudés en social social sciences (EHESS), Pap Ndiaye est le frère aîné de l’éncrivaine, Prix Goncourt 2009. He studied at the United States from 1991 to 1996 and was the founder of the Grand Public and Publicist in 2008 “La Condition noire. Essai sur une minorité française”, son ouférencer.

“A new way of approving the past”

“In the domain of history, this is one of those who is innocent, and he can watch a new way of approving the past. He works on the presence of the new in France are the founders,” said Louis. historian Pascal Blanchard, specialist in colonization.

In 2019, all students of the vulgarization of the subject of study, Pap Ndiaye, should consult the scientific adviser of the exhibition “The Black Model” at the Museum of Orsay in Paris, secret to the representation of our black dancers. In addition, in 2020, he was the co-sponsor of a report on the diversity of the Paris Opera.

Professor Pendant of the annual members of the Po Sciences, he is a member of the pair and present as a member of the consensus.

“He is a diplomat in the style of other people. He is a good minister who is a minister of diplomacy,” said Pascal Blanchard. “S’il a les moyens d’avoir la politique qu’il peut incarner, comme personalnalité intellectualu, je pense que nous irons dans une direction nouvelle”, abonde le sociologu Michel Wieviorka, qui ajoute que “sur tout ce mino quiritées, il incarnations of orientations that are not determined by the goals of Jean-Michel Blanquer in misery and youth ».

“A Medium Cup”

The nomination for the Pap Ndiaye National Education, which was signed in 2012 by an appellate tribune to vote for François Hollande, is also open to criticism.

“Je suis stupéfait de cette nouvelle. Pour moi, Pap Ndiaye n’était pas du tout là-dedans. Ce qui est sûr, c’est qu’il fallait ‘dblanquériser’ l’Education nationale”, a réagi ‘auprès de AFP Le France MP insulted Alexis Corbière. Mais “ce coup médiatique, le seul de ce governement terne, ne désamorcera pas la profonde colère dans l’Education nationalale”, estime-t-il.

The reactions of the hosts to this nomination are expressed in the nationalist camp. “Emanuel Macron said he had failed to deconstruct the history of France. Pap Ndiaye va s’en charger “, described on Twitter Eric Zemmur, leader of the party Reconquête !.

Denouncing the Choice of an “Indigenous Assumption” to Assign the Office of the Minister of National Education, President of the National Assembly of the Peninsula National education in our youth of pure ideologies ».

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