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The most important progress in Covid-19 Continuent of Progress in France is the number of public figures for the sanitary authorities, as well as the number of people hospitalized for the rest of the week.

The house of contamination in Covid-19 is filled in France, but the number of hospitalizations is low. The number of new reviews for the 20th of March is 81 283.

La moyenne quotidienne sur sept jours, qui lisse les à-coups journaliers, est en hausse: elle s’établit à 89 002 contre 86 022 samedi et 65 251 il ya une semaine, selon les ciffres sa publiés autores.

Timing, hospitalized numbers for Covid-19 continue to decorate 20,566 patients as well as 20,917 patients.

Pressure adjustment

The hospitals have 323 new youngsters from Covid-19, against 620 bucks.

The press continued to support a few people in resuscitation services, which included 1,642 young people, 30 admissions, against 1,644 people, and 1,855 dead people.

The youth of 27 people in 24 hours in the hospital for a total of 140,933 children in France lost the debut of the pandemic or more than two years.

Vaccination, 54.27 million people injected (80.5% of the total population), 53.35 million complete vaccines (79.1%) and 39.40 million completed une dose de rappel.

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