Enjoy the last, the planet tech – and us with – celebrated 20 years of the iPod. Certes, l’heure de gloire du baladeur qui a changé l’histoire d’Apple, de la mobilité et de la musique semblait être passée depuis longtemps, après douze ans d’un régne sans partage. The iPhone, «Better iPod jamais conçu»Selon Steve Jobs, the remnant of the food rack of Apple products, and the smartphones of the plus and more abordables on the fine seals of the seal in the aile.

The lancement of a service like Apple Music, which is repositioned by streaming content and provides a permanent connection to the Internet, is in the hands of homeowners, indicating a clear sense of history. The iPod is sensory, the last survivor of the last day – the whole plus the total adaptation adapted to fashion use.

Here, at the end of the day, in Paris, Apple announced that “Music continues to live”more than that «IPod touch resterait available available that stocks not seront pas épuisés». The cup of Cupertino is still a few days, months, seven days ago.

For your sake, what could be a surprise – did iPod still have to sell? For others, it will be too late to buy an “souvenir”. Attention, nostalgia is the end of the world. The model 32 Go is for sale 240 euros, the 128 Go points for 359 euros, so the model 256 Go is for sale at 469 euros. If you want to pay this price, the iPhone SE will be available.

Discover also in video:

But before the iPod touch, I have the molette models. A genius invention, which should be able to navigate a simple text interface – it can be very nice to have a good time with the Germans – the legend says that this is a test for the teams in charge. After the ultra compact compact models, we invent the flash memory models, the nano in the head. Authentic iterations of the iPod, which is also the most important source for Apple, is the opportunity to put in place and pioneer a technological and logistical goal – on this point, Tim Cook will be able to maneuver in the style of Steve Jobs in the era. .

I don’t have a record of what you want without an iPod, I don’t have an iPhone, I don’t think so, I don’t know what to do. Continue the music as you live. The plus nostalgia of the iPod retrouveront the traits in the Apple Watch, the iphone, in the pass by the iPad, Comme on retrouve parfois in the visage of a child of the grand grandparents who s’éteindre.

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