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A report sent to the tribunal that inquired about the lawsuit against the ex-player of FC Barcelona, ​​Eric Abidal, in 2012, did not allow him to be a member of the parent with the donor. They are “incomplete” as the defense of the Catalan club president Sandra Rosell. In Paris, Gérard Armand, the donor, the martyr who is well with the cousin of Eric Abidal.

The French footballer Eric Abidal, the president of FC Barcelona Sandra Rosell and the old conductor of the Barça Juan Jose Castillo, can be seen in one of the inquiries for the irregularities due to the fact that Joe , and an illegal body soup.

The Cabinet de l’avocat Po Molins, who defends Sandra Rosell, on April 5 reaffirmed relations with AFP so that they could claim the rights of parents, Eric Abidal and son of Eric Abidal and Gerard Armando and Louis faudrait pour ce faire mener des examens supplémentaires.

If there are any parents who are not established in the subject of these exams, the accreditation of the hypotheses of an illegal body, dond Sandro Rosell s’est toujours defendendu.

“The exams are incomplete, the tribunal is out of the news”

Lundi, the Spanish media The Confidential affirms that the Spanish Institute of Toxicology “will not be able to prove that the player of the FC Barcelona player Eric Abidal will be able to find the one who is one of the parties, Arman, sont de the family name ».

“The examinations carried out will be incomplete, and the tribunal will be able to do so again, as suggested by the National Institute of Toxicology,” said the lawyer’s office of the lawyers of Plam’Af. . a news of the inception of the President of Barça (2010-2014).

The report, not an extrait is quoted in the communication of the defense of Sandro Rosell, assures that “the chants analyzed are not more than the ones indicated for this study of parenthood, as a montre in the luster of luster of luster of the lesbian genetics of genetic degradation do not suffocate the leftovers that have been introduced to the benefits of liquid conservation conservation ».

“In this case, the tribunal shall determine the results of its inquiries, requiring that it be determined that the biological armies of the two generators of M. Armand are responsible for the two generators of M. Abidal, dis. of possible events and / or biological resources “, help report.

Ainsi, d’après le cabinet d’avocats de Pau Molins, “on ne peut affirmer, comme l’ont fait cerit médias de maníère infndée et injuste, et qui se kontredisent quand on leur montre le rapport, que messieurs Armand que messieurs« there is a kind of parental line ».

“Éric est vraiment mon cousin Germain”, assure the Donneur

The results of a possible recourse to a trafficking organ of the provincial telephony authorities between Sandro Rosell and an interlocutor inconnu enristré in the repertoire of the former president under the name of “Juanjo” seloné parsee in press april 2017. Transmission à la justice, ils ont donné lieu à l’ouverture d’une enquête pour presomption de organ traffic.

«М. Rosell n’a participé ou n’est intervenu de quelconque manière dans la gestion de la greffe de M. Abidal », a insisté mardi sa défense.

Dans un entretien accordé au quotidien Le Parisien, Gérard Armand, le donneur lors de la greffe, a reagi aux dernières information. “Eric is really my cousin Germain. Son père est le frère de ma mère, et j’avais amené l’acte de naissance pour le prouver qua j’avais été convoqué à Barcelone au tribunal”, explique-t-il.

Désormais brouillé avec l’ancien international francais, dont il n’a “plus de nouvelles depuis quatre ans” et en qui il n’a “plus du tout confiance”, Gérard Armand affirme avoir realizé une durant échol0uérét pouré 2018 qu’il well this prelude to one part of your foie.

“I had to return, globally, I didn’t go to school. But I didn’t go to bed. For example, my cousins ​​are not here as soon as they are (Celle d’Eric Abidal).” ai eu des infekcije au niveau des tissus de la cicatrice, et ça a un peu gonflé. Donc j’ai une petite bosse sur le ventre, ça se voit quand je me mets torse nu “, detail-t-il.

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