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Face to the penitentiary for babies, the American group Abbott has passed an accord with justice for redesign in production on the site of Michigan, in the north of the United States, closed for reasons of suspicion of sanitation. The accord is also valid for a game.

A debut to answer, face the inquiries of millions of parents at the United States. The American Abbott Group has reached an agreement with Justice to redesign its baby production on its Michigan site, as well as resuscitating the pension to produce vital food for the Nourrissons.

Initially, the cause of the problems on the day of appraisal and a lack of the main opening in the reason for the pandemic, the pension of this aggravée lorsqu’en février une usine du fabricant Abbott a dans le miprè prod. the suspicion of having provoked the death of two babies.

The American Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the law, but it has found “483 irregularities” in its own right, as indicated by Abbott, which is known as “correct action immediately”. The Minister of Justice and Abbott is determined to communicate in a separate manner that the agreement should be valid in the south.

Two more visits

Mais le fabricant, l’un des acteurs majeurs du marche de lait pour bébé, escompte rouvrir son usine du Michigan dans les deux semaines. The rehearsal that faudrait ensuite “six to a hundred weeks before the products are available in the rains”. D’ici là, il va continuer à importer du lait pour bébé de son usine d’Irlande pour tenter d’atténuer les pénuries aux États-Unis.

“We know that millions of parents and parents depend on us and that we have found a deep solution that will not only volunteer to play the role of motherhood in the national nation,” said the group.

A corresponding FDA report, by Robert Calif, means the agreement signifies that Abbott “notes the resolution of certain problems identified by the agency in manufacturing production.” It is possible that the services are on the train to pass the review of the available manufacturers at the United States and in the world “to determine and a reaction to the distribution of this state is possible to accept the good product of the good endor.”

The moitié des magasins en rupture de stock

Datasembly, a fournisser of data, will be revoked on May 10, which is the rate of rupture of the stock of prepared preparations for nursersons, attain 43% at the end of the last week. The discount is 50% in certain regions of the country.

La Blanche est, Elle, en Communication continue with the four main manufacturers Reckitt, Abbott, Nestlé-Gerber et Perrigo, nalite identifikator pereskod na transportu, à la logisticque et aux fournisseurs dlya povelicheni proizvodstva i guarantii que les produits soient plus rapidement according to the details.

The Biden administration belongs to “continuing to liaise with Target, Amazon, Walmart, identifying regions and pay that represent dangerous criticism of the application,” the village is not responsible for the U.S. administration.

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