Depuis son arrivée sur le banc des Reds en 2015, Юрген Клоп a tout gagné. Thanks to the success of the tactic, the tactic of Germany, but you can also choose a contract that will make you feel good, like this Bentley Continental GT.

Southern opening of the steering wheel Opel Insignia to honor the contract signed with your sponsor, Jürgen Klopp it is loin de se raconter en voiture.

Mais il ya quelques jours de cela, le coach des Reds de Liverpool est arrivé au center d’entraînement dans un bolide un peu plus prestigieux. And for good reason, he got married Bentley Continental GT !!

D’une valeur de 220 000 €, la berline britanque a de quoi faire tourner les têtes. More in the middle of last month’s Premier League coach, Jurgen Klopp a certainement of what to do with a small place of time. But this is certain, these players are surprisingly in a state of disarray in a car in the seat of a small Opel.

318 km / h de Pointe!

As for the attackers, the tactics are the best for power and speed with this Bentley Continental GT. En effet, grace to be a V8 engine under the hood, the British car can reach 318 km / h in point.

Quantity at 0 at 100 km / h, it doesn’t take much more than 4 seconds to roll. Not at all?

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