7:03: Macron presented a draft for a second term

Leasing of electric cars, base of successions, RSA conditional, experimentation with school, attractiveness of medical materials … get out of detail in a page of one page.

Lors de son seul évenement public (an interview with 250 inhabitants of Poissy), he explicitly suggested that he propose “four great pacts” in French: a “European pact” for defending Europe and its “generation of pacts” of education, health and autonomy, a “productive pact for employment” and “industrializing the country” .

7:02: Candidates in the Chavet de l’hôpital ce jeudi devant la FHF, without Macron and Melanchon

Marine Le Pen, Valerie Pecres, Eric Zemmour, Anne Hidalgo, Yannick Jade and Fabien Russell Defendronte jeudi leurs programs for the hospital and the health of the generals of a “grand oral” organized by the French Hospital (Fédération hospitali) ).

Emanuel Macron, representing the Sante Ministry, Olivier Verona. Jean-Luc Melanchon declined the invitation and Natalie Artaud, Nicolas Dupont-Enyan, Jean Lasalle and Philippe Putou, who did not allow them. Our article to read here.

7:01: Inviting mornings

  • On the Public Senate for 8 hours : Julien Bay, National Secretary for European Forest Ecology Vert
  • On Radio J at 7:45 : Olivier Faure, Prime Minister of the Socialist Party
  • Sur Sud Radio at 8:15 : Eric Worth, President of the Finance and Bra of Emanuel Macron
  • CNEWS at 8.15 : Bruno Retaillo, president of the LR au Sénat group
  • To LCI at 8:30 p.m. : Robert Menard, Mayor de Bezier
  • Information about France at 8:30 : Nicolas Dupont-Enyan, Candidate Debout la France
  • From RMC / BFMTV at 8:30 p.m. : Yannick Jadot, Ph.D.

7 o’clock: Welcome to the direct conference on political news and the campaign in the view of the presidential election of 2022.