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To maintain the finances of the finances of Ukraine, which is worth 5 billion dollars per month, the ministers of finance of the G7 are retiring, Jews and people, in Germany. They will also find solutions to solutions against food prices. Suivez notre direct consacré à la journée du jeudi 19 maja.

  • 4 hours 34: Declaration of contradictory authoritative attacks on Ukraine against Russian trains

The Ukrainian territorial defense forces are announcing that the combatants were able to explode a blind armored train of Russian soldiers, but a counselor of the resident Uladzimir Zialenski announced that they had exploded.

The Reuters agency is not able to verify the manner of independence of the declarations of the forces of the Ukrainian territorial defense, but also the attack on the Aurait in its place in the city of Melitopol, situated in Sudine.

The territorial defense forces are not indicated in a diffuse post on Facebook that the explosion is a product of a wagon transporting Russian soldiers, without asking for details on the issue of deaths. Аляксей Арестович, an adviser to Уладзімір Зяленскі, made the declarations contradicting some of the hours more explicit, explaining that the Ukrainian forces are trying to save the rails before the train.

  • 4 h 07: The Ministries of Finance of the G7 region to support the war in Ukraine and its sequences

Maintain the fleet of Ukraine’s finances, counteract the food prices, support the most vulnerable countries: the great G7 argentines in the world of the Allemagne district to meet the results of the return of Guerrero Moscow.

The Prime Minister’s Office of Emergency Situations, Jews and Councils, the Ministries of Finance of the Seventh Industrial Councils (United States, Japan, Canada, France, Italy, the United Kingdom, Germany) is a new tourist tour table the budget of Ukraine in the third trimester.

Pour faire tourner l’économie du pays, Kyiv estimated ses besoins à 5 billion dollars at my expense. On the colossal rallonge of 40 billion dollars for the Ukrainian mass on the rails of the last week by American President Joe Biden, some 7.5 billion devastating at the Court of Term abonder the budget of Ukraine, Gary selon des sources

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