Parquet National Financier (PNF) will also announce the opening of a preliminary survey of the Senate report on the resources of the Council’s cabinets. This is the 31st March for whitefish grated, and it is trusted in the service of financial justice inquiries.

The laconic communiqué, signed by the procurator of the Republican Financier Jean-François Boner, not read in the McKinsey cabinet, but it is well with him who is here in the Senate report published on the 16th of March, the company ‘impôt sur les sociétés.

“The statement is clear: the McKinsey cabinet will be able to support the sociétés sur les societés (IS) in France. in 2020, do not average 5% in the public sector, and qu’il y emploie environ 600 salariés », wrote the Commission of the Senate Inquiry.