Ces derniers mois, le groupe Renault enchaîné les très mauvais results in crash tests Euro NCAP. At Dacia, the new Sandero to her two stars, the Spring and the Jogger is not with her. And in the Losange côte, Zoé is looking for a very hot spot.

Euro NCAP is not privé to criticize Renault, which is the premier builder to declare the 5 floors in 2001 with Laguna 2. For independent organizations, these results on “Ruiné l’hla” l’ha!

Responsible brands are clearly explained by the fact that these vehicles are not dangers, they are homologated to European standards. The problem is the windshield of the Euro NCAP notation. At the end of the year, you want to get a plus in addition to the place of the presence of aides to the active conductor. Euro NCAP is not a note plus only its presence, but its efficiency tests.

And Luca de Meo, CEO of the group, Vient de monter au créneau. This interrogation to the subject of the presentation of the Scenic Vision concept, which is a part of the charging market is just a matter of security.

The “respect” of the independent organism, which does not mean that Renault is playing the game of decades, communicating in the afternoon, and recognizes that these results help the voyeurist. But this time, I see that the debate is open to the notation for retrospective of good sense, inviting the authorities to determine what is very important in the matter of security equipment. De Meo also said: “Parfois, je vois des choses que défient la logique”.

The evolution of Zoe’s note can illustrate this remission for a reason. She is a six-year-old girl. Or, in the event of a crash, the occupants are not in danger of death, which can be suggested in the grand public this note, which is based on all the active equipment.

On the occasion of the innovations in Venice, Luca de Meo explicitly said that he should concentrate on the equipment that brings “real solutions”, without making Noël sapin-type voyages with the technology inside. Selon lui, on arrival “à la limite des fournisseurs essayant d’imposer leurs propres idées plutôt que de faire ce qui est bon pour les clients.”

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