The last report of the OMS, published in Mardi Gras, alerted to an “epidemic” of surplus and obesity in Europe, not only after the Sanitary Crisis. Face a flair that caree plus the motives of European adults, the League against the Obesity in France appeals to the French and European public authorities to an action plus offensive on the obesogen factors.

Le Vieux Continent is a victim of new times. L’Organisation Mondiale de la Sante a Alerté, mardi 3 mai, sur une “epidemic” de surpoids et d’obésité en Europa, o plus plus 1.2 million de personnes en meurent chaque année.

A study of me – dont the state of care to sit on 53 States – a revelation that 59% of European adults are in surplus or obesity. A devastation prevails plus elevée that in all other regions, the exception of the Americas. Du côté des plus jeunes, cela care 1 enfant sur 3.

Since 2016, the individual data on all indications of new augmentations in Europe, in particular since the Covid-19 pandemic.

There is no European consensus on the methodology of calculating the prevalence of obesity. tile tour. C’est notamment le cas de la France, parmi les moins bons élèves, puisqu’elle se situe dans la moyenne supierieure careant la hausse de l’obésité. Situation sur laquelle Jean-Philippe Ursulet, director of the General de la Ligue contre l’obésité (LCO), a non-French government body that regrouped all the actors who came to the prevention and against the Malaysian counter, the French: haut du classement, puisqu’on atteint presque 50% de la population en termes de surpoids et d’obésité “.

Une aggravation, surtout depuis la Crise sanitaire

The latest figures from the obesity in France date back to 2020. The Obépi-Roche study, financed by the LCO, shows that 30% of adults have received a certificate of obedience (IMC is 25% of ours and sup) of obesity. (IMC superior to 30). “On the aura of studies of the two years of purity for the impact of the Crisis of Sanitation and Confidence,” explains Jean-Philippe Ursula.

Du côté des enfants, les ciffres sont alarmants. The word does not matter, as the general director of the association said. “In 1965 you get 3% d’obésité chez les enfants de 2 à 15 ans; aujourd’hui, plus 15% sont cares », affirme-t-il, évoquant les projections on 2020.

At Royaume-Uni, the official data of the National Child Measurement Program is set up with a child of 7 on 7 days after attending the three-day confinement. This item is from 1 to 10 years before the pandemic, it is plus a strong increase in registration. Parmi les elèves de 6isthe prevalence of obesity is at least 21% in 2019-2020 and 25.5% in 2020-2021.

In France, at the end of the study, the confines of the confinement, more of the manifest states. All appeals went to the avalanche de la LCO, which exploded from Covid-19. “Ordinary, between 500 and 600 annual appeals. For the year 2020, we are mounting at 1,700 appeals,” said the general director of the association.

The pandemic on the problem of obesity is still pressing, the point of OMS Europe is in communication. The preliminary data suggest that the gens ont ete this plus exposures aux factors of risk obésité, notamment une augmentation des modes de vie sedentaires et la consommation d’aliments malsains. “Dans les prochaines etudes, la curbe risque d’évoluer, de montrer une aggravation du nombre de la prevalence de l’obésité”, pritit le direktor géneral de la LCO.

For patients, rappelle l’OMS, les patientata atteints d’obésité sont plus susceptibles de connaître des complications et de mourir du virus. In France, “47% of people are in the Covid-19 declaration,” writes Jean-Philippe Ursula. “Face the problems of global health, public health, the most obsessed people are the most present in mortality.”

Exposed women

In 72% of the cases, the appeals passed on the line of the LCO executives lasting the confection of women, a surplus present in the ciphers of obesity, not only in France.

If the nutritional disorder is one of the main causes of obesity, it is the only one in the world. Lack of sleep and psychological problems in addition, without being affected by the impact of endocrine disruptors (PE) on organisms. De plus en plus dismantled by the scientists, the disordered hormonal cree by the pe peut explicer that the females soient davantage carees par l’obésité.

“Women are exposed to a number of substances that perturb the hormonal balance,” says Jean-Philippe Ursula, who called a “cocktail of endocrine disruptors.” The PE presents in food, plastics and paints, but also in cosmetics, use for women, and clothing (in the form of cadmium, a radioactive element in which it is permeable). “Sachant que la peau absorbe 2% de l’air à travers les pores, imaginez ce qu’elle peut absorber en termes de produits nocifs qui entrent directement dans la circulation sanguine …”

“The countries of Europe from the West are also very large consumers of transformed products,” said Jean-Philippe Ursula. However, the condition of the woman in these countries is also a study, complete-it, evoking not only stress and the problems of sleep. “We can also correct these figures with the help of women, women and the amount of exposure exposed, and precarious in the level of contracts.” Authentic stress vectors that exaggerate explicitly explain the safety of women at risk of obesity.

Do you want to reduce your risk? If the factors of the structural structure do not allow the object of immigration to be immortalized, the doctors are required to take revenge on the public authorities to whom this action is engaged directly in certified products.

“An action without attacking the products of lentils”

“The obesity is at the forefront. In Europe and at central Asia, a single country does not reimburse the objective of the progression of obesity, which is one of the most powerful world powers in the world.” non-communicable diseases (MNTs) “, confirmed the report of Dr. Hans-Henri P. Kluge, Regional Director of l’OMS Europe. “There is an enormous diversity between the countries of our region, but we are confronted with a specific degree of difficulty. In addition to the benefits plus favored, in promoting investments and innovation in the domain of health in the place of systems performers and participants, we can modify the trajectory of the obesity in the region. “

In France, the nutritional label “Nutri-score”, in favor of a balanced diet, in order, since 2016, to maintain the consumption of consumers on the quality of selected cheeses. The principles of the former are reprimanded by the plus of our European wars, in the Belgian, German, and Spanish-speaking countries. Pourtant, les nutritionisttes le contestent majoritairement parce qu’il ne fait que mesurer la valeur nutritionnelle du produit contracté. “On the calculation of the nutritional value and the amount with a letter for a single plate, but you have to accumulate this plate with another product, which changes the strength of the value of the Nutri-total score of what you consume,” explains Jean- Philip Ursulet. Salon les medécins, il vaudrait donc mieux indiker sur chaque produit sa valeur calorique, nutritionnelle, mais aussi préciser les alimenti que ne devraient pas être consommés avec ce plat transformé.

“By the way, this is what the letter C, D ou E (indicating the presence of the following successes, and the difference between the following types of additions, NDLR) should be interrupted”, said the General Director of the Contract League.

In addition to everything, the LCO is in demand with the power of the public to surtax the nocturnal products (and interdire the three nocturnal products), and in contrast, to reduce the VAT on the products produced in addition to the consumables.

“If all worlds are refined on a priori products in the world, this is ahead of all the problems of precariousness”, said Jean-Philippe Ursulet. “The legislator will be able to achieve the consumption of the population.”

“Nous avons appris au fil du temps qu’une politique unique ne fonctionnera pas. Pour réussir en tant que pays ou région, nous avons besoin d’un ensemble complet d’interventions”, дакладны данс le communiqué le communiqué le Dr Kresinghetérichem du bureau European OMS for prevention and control of MNT, which produces the European regional report.

Or, to this day, there are no measures to measure in place of all these policies at the same time. “It is important to prioritize 2 or 3 policies to maintain and maintain a viable plan for introducing the rest of the interventions,” he said. Parmi les recommandations, la restriction de la commercialize d’alimentas malsains aux enfants, la taxation des boissons sucrées et l’amelioration de la reponse du sistème de santé pour la gestion de l’obésité.

In France, “the policy of the public authorities is not offensive against the products that are important to the public”, said the director general of the League against obesity. The last point to the new endocrine perturbators, but also the fast-paced restoration of the young apprentices.

The “aggressive marketing” of children’s brands is equal to the Vision of the Association. “Children are at the forefront of marketing, not only the owners of candies or candied chocolates and ultra-sweet chocolates, but also a very attractive visual marketing that is extremely useful for products that are extremely bad.”

The importance of sports

Si des disparités (en partie culturallles) precede, le constat est le même dans l’ensemble des pays européens. In Finland, for example, the food of one of these foods is a great way to spend on TV shows (type Top Chef). According to Jean-Philippe Ursula, “Finland is not exactly a problem in identifying products, because those decisions are based on European levels.”

Pas de chasse aux product nocifs et perturbateurs endocriniens en Finlande non plus, donc. In return, it pays to establish a pace of physical activity on the working hours of the solariums, and the Finnish finances for a fee of 200 euros at the expense of the employee for a physical activity (including a loan). The dynamic dynamics in Sweden, the nation’s design of the European sports in 2018 by the European Commission in the frame of the loudest against activity. In 2017, the Eurobarometer consisted of sports and physical activity, which said that 15% of Swedes do not have any physical activity, compared to 46% of the French.

In France, this track of reflection on this summit by the LCO in the Senate, the debut of Avril, was Jean-Philippe Ursulet. “Le sport permet le bon fonctionnement des organes, mais aussi d’éliminer les perturbateurs endocriniens”. Ainsi, une heure de sport par jour permettrait d’obtenir des result tout à fait zaahvochvalenkiv, dit-il. “C’est cette piste qu’il faut suivre. En parallèle, bien sûr, de l’interdiction de certains produits.”

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