On Sunday, May 15, in Paris, a Liver Deliveroo was reversed by a car. Et plutôt que de s’assurer que tout allait bien, le conducteur a pris la fuite …

That mentality… After we had a bike driver Republic Squarethe Conductor de ce Renault Scénic a pris la fuite. The attitude of the attitude to the profound choking of those who are more than that is not the most common in this history.

Eh no, what is more amazing here, it’s the car in question s‘est enfui avec le velo encore coincé sous sa voiture … The donut is trained in the two rounds of plus masters without me being able to meet the state of health care that comes to mind.


Coercion, the Scenic made a thrill of an impression with this veil coincé sous le châssis. But at the end of the video, he can see that the names of the people are on their feet at their feet.

Nous ne savons malheureusement pas ce qu’il s’est passé après cela, mais il faut espérer que le chauffard a pu être rattrape avant de prendre la fuite definitively.

Le but, who left the bed and back, what a renowned libertarian is with a dedicated suite to this accident!

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