The effect of the principal principles of the Governorate of the Republic, the Socialist Party and the Republics, is one of the major events of the premier tour of the presidential election and should accelerate the fragmentation of the French policy of the United States. you.

This is a historical story for the party of President Nicolas Sarkozy: the Candidate of the Republics (LR) Valery Pécresse registered on April 10, the result of a claim of the most demanding candidate. of 5%, synonym of rebrands of the campaign period by the State. Result: the finances of the party are in a “critique of the situation” and Valérie Pécresse on the appeal of the French people to a “help of the state” to “boucler le financement” de candature.

If the condition is invisible, the coup is not terrible. The prize in the Liberal line of Emmanuel Macron and the sovereignty of Eric Zemmour, the president of the Île-de-France region, seems to make it impossible to be on a mission without being a partisan party.

Pendant la campagne, de nombreux cadres LR comme l’ancien ministre du Budget Erik Woerth ou encore l’ancien Premier ministre Jean-Pierre Raffarin ont annoncé leur soutien à Emmanuel Macron. The other, in the image of Guillaume Peltier, does not have the choke to re-establish the candidate of Reconquête !. Quant à Nicolas Sarkozy, il n’a non seulement jamais exprimé le moindre soutien à la candidate issue de sa famille politique mais ses critiques acerbes ont eté regélièrement relayées par la presse.

Selon Marcial Foucault, director of Sevipaf, LR voters in a “mass vote”. The son scored 5% voter compatibility with Emanuel Macron to resume the des-premier tour. LRest le PS, “, ajoute le politologist, interrogé par France 24.

Which line to the extreme right ?

Intern, Valery Pekres – an element of composer with the line of incarnation of the poor candidate for the first time Eric Ciotti, tentant to affect the synths in a central European discourse and the positions of the cells of the “immigration”.

The fractures in his LR that were highlighted in the grand day of the announcement of the results of the first presidential tour. “I voted in the conscience of Emmanuel Macron to find the opportunity to marine Le Pen and the chaos that resulted,” said Valery Pecres. Otherwise, Eric Chotti announced on TF1: “To headline staff, he did not vote for Emanuel Macron.”

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After this historical event, which line is the importer? Do you want to identify and preserve the right to conservation by the Alpes-Maritimes and Laurent Wauquiez, President of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region? Ces deux curants peuvent-ils continuer à coexister encore cinq ans au sein d’un même parti?

All of these questions are open to the abortions of the LR during a strategic meeting of a reunion of a political bureau with a public announcement. He will be able to establish a position in a position close to the extreme right in the second round, but also to discuss the legitimacy of young people.

La traversée du désert continue au PS

At the Socialist Party, the hour is equal to the rules of account. The registered PS, with Anne Hidalgo as a candidate, is a candidate for a presidential election. The city of Paris has a share of 1.74% of the vote, a score of Lilliputian, which opens a period of great uncertainty for the parties of the Congress of Epine.

In the first place, the result is fragile financial financing of the delicacy of the PS. The party will receive 800,000 euros, which will be reimbursed by the State for the candidates coming to the bar of 5% and the demand for the federations of the main government. If the procedure is classic for the presidential election, they will be able to train the pieds, they will be able to see the loins that allow the selections of legislatives to be profiled in June.

Car c’est l’un des paradoxes du Parti socialiste: s’il ne pèse presque plus rien au niveau national, son ancrage local est encore considerable, avec une centaine de parlementaires et le controle d’une trentaine de departements et plusieurs grandesville ne Paris, Rennes, Nantes, Bordeaux or Lille on encore.

“I am not certain that the PS or the LR can be considered a lord of these legislators,” said Jérémie Peletier, director of studies at the Jean Jaurès Foundation. “He noted that the results of the legislators are similar to the results of the presidential election and that the elections tend to emphasize the results of the second tour”, said the expert interrogating France 24.

To save the furniture, the pictures of the PS, the image of his first secret secretary, Olivier Faure, on the horizon and the appeal of the union of forces, the communists of the environment, the provision of the scrutiny of June.

A political space that has been reduced

In the case of the financial question, the Socialist Party has played a political role. A challenge that can be passed through the reconstruction of a credible government. François Åland was able to avoid the need to refund this year after the return of the President of the Republic to grind the teeth of the young Socialist Guard and keep a new war.

The revelation of a secret secret to you will not be able to contribute to the amelioration of the environment. Le repas à la questure du Sénat a réuni Anne Hidalgo, son of company director Patrick Canner, Mayor of Lille and Nantes Martin Aubrey and Johan Roland, President of Occitania Carol Delga and Chef Francois Hollande. The patron saint of PS, Olivier Faure, did not want to be able to find out what the objective is to reflect on the party’s adventure.

“A meeting of the premier tour of the presidential election. The suite is written in catimini?”, Said the Minister of Agriculture Stéphane Le Foll.

Si toutes les figures du PS assurent que le parti, fort d’une histoire plus que centenaire, se relèvera de son échec, les défis s’annoncent colossaux. The political space is reduced to the name of Chagrin for the socialists, for the Social Democrat Emmanuel Macron and the “popular” duo of the leader of La France insoumise, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, who is highly regarded.

“It is also a tripartite of the political life with a block of flats and a center-right incarné by Emmanuel Macron, a block of flats and extreme couches with Jean-Luc Mélenchon and a block of extreme populist rights in Marine Le Pendroite ”Analyzes Jeremy Pelletier.

Dans cette nouvelle configuration, les anciens partis de governement, PS comme LR, auront bien du mal à tirer leur épingle du jeu. If your disparity is not in line with the day of the day, you will have to write on the spot.