Zapping Autonews Maserati Grecale (2022): a compact Italian SUV and video

How beautiful it is to see the genre of videos in the lesquels of the fonts before the main in the sac! Eh oui, ici ce sont deux mobilistes visiblement trop pressés pour visité dans les embouteillages qui se sont fait prendre par la patrouille.

La Scene, captured by a dashcam (embarrassing chamber), we can watch the exact moment of one of the two conductors to be taken. On peut d’abord le voir rejoindre la bande d’arrêt d’urgence afin de doubler tout le monde.

As if you didn’t know that the driver would be able to do this on your backup and continue on the route. Only voilà, quelques mètres plus loin se trouvent une patrouille de police. But that’s not the only thing!

It is not possible to find that it is too late and to be able to arrest the forces of order that will be controlled. At the moment, the author of the video is at the top of the list and the film is another conductor who has been arrested for a few minutes plus all. Definitely, the cops are in a good position!

Pris la main dans le sac

Les deux resquilleurs n’ont pas fait long feu et leur tehnika pour gratter quelques secondes va leur coûter cher. But they are not so visible in the light of the video, we can see the official sign of a three-way driver.

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