It is clear that it is synonymous with me bad news pour the wood players. Alors que la semaine dernière, nous vous avions annoncé le report de sorie pour le MMO de survie tant visitu On the eve of Fntastic, this is mainly in the tour of Bethesdawho made an announcement of my type plus all in the day.

a new news for the players

In a public communication published by Bethesda, the editor has announced the number of games Star field et al Red attack at the end of the year, les deux jeux devant initialement sortir cette année. In addition to the account, the reason given is that the developers will be able to offer the best possible version with players.

Update on Redfall and Starfield.

May 12, 2022

We have decided to retard the sort of Red attack et al Star field Premier Semester 2023.

The teams of Arkane Austin (Red attack) and Bethesda Game StudiosStar field) ont ambitions incroyables pour leurs jeux, et nous voulons nous assurer que vous receviez les meilleures versions possibles de ces titres.

We will always thank you for the world for your enthusiasm Red attack et al Star field. This energy is a great part of what inspires us all the days and we have to entertain us for what we create. We are the owners of the partager bientôt avec vous notre premie plongée au cœur du gameplay de Red attack et al Star field.

Xbox and Bethesda come first for the presentation organizer. Alors que Red attack et al Star field to be able to reply to the date of issue, it is possible to assume that this line of communication of Bethesda can imply the presence of gameplay that these games last in question.

Pour the rappel, Red attack this is FPS (first person shooter) of action Adventure in the world outin lequel you want to defend vampires solo solo, soit coop. Star field quant à lui est un RPG solo, jouable en premiere personne a à la troisième personne, qui vous propulsera dans les années 2330. Project executor, Todd Howardavait alors qualifié le jeu comme étant un “Skyrim dans l’espace”.

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