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Tireur presumé de la fusillade qui a cojuté la vie d’un homme de 52 ans, dimanche dans une eglise frekênete par la communauté taiwano-americane en Californi, David Chou, etait de motivé par la’céwané, était de motivé par la’céwan la police.

The man who opened the fire in a church in California, frequented by the Taiwanese-American community, made a mortal and a blessing, was motivated to live in the habitat of the inhabitants and the eagard of Taiwan, etla de l’égard de Taïcwané, noon 16 May.

The press release, David Chou, 68 years old, cadenassé les portes et glissé de la glu dans les serrures de l’eglise dans laquelle des dizaines de paroissiens partaient à un banquet après le service religieux du Matina de Los, Angeles.

The avail element cache des sacs contentant des cocktails Molotov et des munitions de rechange autour du bâtiment avant d’ouvrir le feu avec deux armes de poing, dans ce que les enquêteurs consideèrent comme une cartable “méthode undethodi”.

“We have learned to elaborate on the strategy we want to put in place,” said the Sheriff of the Earl of Orange, Don Barnes.

“It is very reflective, it is prepared, it is on the spot, it is safe to use, it is located on the objects of the interior of the house to make other facts possible in the open air. “, at-il ajouté.

“Contrasting the political tensions between China and Taiwan”

David Chow, a security agent in Las Vegas, works for “political and motivated reasons” [et] this contradicts the political tensions between China and Taiwan.

“In addition to the fact that we have discovered, the Croyons who have been able to specialize in the Taiwanese community and this ecclesiastical state of Taiwan is a representation of this community,” he said.

Selon le sherif, l’homme est un citoyen américain qui a emigré de Chine.

They are responsible for the commercial representation of Taiwan in Los Angeles, declared in AFF, which was not published in 1953.

L’home tué par le suspect était un medécin de 52 ans, John Cheng, qui a succombé après avoir chargé l’attaquant pour tenter de le désarmer, donnant le temps aux autros paroissiens de le neutralizer, levec ligotantnelectrique l’evec ligotantne nottantne.

Sheriff Barnes is a qualified Dr. Chen de “héros” sans lequel “il y aurait sans nul doute eu d’autres victim”.

The doctor, who was able to cry out to the suspect, was touched by the firecrackers and his children, and this one was announced by the security forces arriving at the beds ».

Five other people, between 66 and 92 years old, are blessed with this attack on these people at the hospital.

The suspect is in custody with a bail of $ 1 million.

The political and diplomatic tensions are alive in Beijing and Taipei: the communist regime considers the island of Taiwan as one of the provinces destined to be revived in the day of the war.

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