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On the 79th day of the war in Ukraine, the Ukrainian counter-attack continued to win over the terrain in the Kharkiv region. Toutefois, dans le bassin houiller du Danbass, les forces russes progressent très lentement. Stay tuned to the events of the 13th of May.

  • 8 hours 41: Londres demands “plus weapons” and sanctions to maintain pressure on Putin

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Liz Truss, said that “plus the armies” are the leaders of Ukraine in the face of Russia, against the fact that there is an exaggeration of the new sanctions.

“It is very important at this time to maintain the pressure on Vladimir Poutine to promote plus the armies of Ukraine and to increase the sanctions” against the Kremlin, at the end of the affirmation of a G7 district of Wangels, in Le Nord de l’Allemagne.

  • 7 hours 09: battles in the Kharkiv region “Aussi Intenses”

Special envoy de France 24, indique que les combats sont toujours “aussi intenses” dans la région de Kharkiv, où l’armée ukrainienne tente de repousser les forces russes. “This is not a war of a position as he can visit in the region, the front of the front and the recumbent,” he said.

  • 6 h 32: food security in the menu of a union of G7 diplomacy chiefs

The Ministries of Foreign Affairs of the G7 are reunited in Germany, at the Weissenhaus Spa, for discussing not only the activities of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but also the Grand Duchy of Russia.

The Ukrainian and Moldovan ministers of foreign affairs will also take part in discussions, including the G7 homologues, who will be able to reaffirm their efforts to protect themselves.

Avec AFP and Reuters

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