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An exhibition center for the Ukrainian settlements in Paris. France 24 is going to find someone who is at war. The Parisians are accompanied by complicated administrative issues, but the oversight of this guichet is unique.

“The prefecture of Paris is closed this week,” said a group of Ukrainian security agencies, all of whom arrived on March 26 at the gates of the center of Accueil Ukraine. gate of Versailles, in the south-west of Paris. A special offer specifically for the city of Paris and the city of the association France Terre d’Asile, to promote and guide the Ukrainian settlements.

The internet site of the Mairie de Paris shows that the center is open from September to 6 pm, but it is also open, and its administrative services are closed. Seuls les Ukrainiens ayant besoin d’un logement sont recus. Migrants who come to the center for other high-quality areas will also be able to receive the necessary employment, serving against some personal affairs and identity papers.

Martine and her Marie Pierre, a couple of Parisians, are Venus accomplices Svetlana, 53, and her daughter Alyssa, 19. All you need to know is what to do after the administrative services of the farm center are closed. Ils s’attardent sous le soleil printanier de ce debut de matinee et échangent des numero de telephen avec une femme russophone qui s’est presentévec av una autre groupe de déplacés ukrainiens. Plus aguerrie, elle ne tarit pas de conseils pour s’orientter dans le labyrinth de la bureacratie française.

Lorsqu’on lui requiree comment ils ont rencontré leurs protégés, Martine répond: “Par le Mozambique!”, Esquissant un sourire derrière son masque. “Mon fils vit au Mozambique, où il a une amie qui lui a demandé si nous pouvions l’aider en accueillant des amis ukrainiens en France». The French couple accepted to come to the aid of two women without hesitation, but they did not know how to pass.

A journey away from Europe

Au quotidien, Martine et Pierre on réussi, gráce à Google Translate, à casser la barrière linguistique avec leurs invitées. À l’aide de l’util de traduction i de Google Maps, ils ont appris d’où venaient Svetlana et Alyssa: une ville appelée Dnipro, située sur la rive du fleuve Dniepr. Les deux femmes ont pu raconter leur épuisant periple de cinq jours pour rejoindre la France. After staying in Ukraine, the sea and the girl on a train trip from Pologne to Berlin, you can get on a plane from Berlin to Paris, before arriving at Meudon, in Paris, near the center of Ukraine. Martine et son mari sont venus les chercher ce samedi matin, au domicile d’une autre personne qui ne pouvait pas les accueillir plus longtemps.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (HCR) reviewed a total of more than 3.8 million Ukrainian migrants after the conflict. With Pologne, Romania and Moldova, I would like to mention the results of the re-election and the migratory press on these three European states. Alors de nombreux deplacés tentent leur chance et partent vers l’Ouest, qu’ils aient ou non de la famille ou des amis sur place.

Svetlana et Alyssa ne sont pas encore sûre d’obtenir le statut de protection temporaire, qui offre l’asile en France, mais d’ores-et-déjà “elles veulent être autonomes et trouver du travail, ce qui est le plus dur” , so Martin. On March 23, France accounted for 26,000 migrants from Ukraine, not 10,500 currently on a temporary title.

“In a row, my grand father in Odessa and the boat”

“Associations are able to open a house, but the private ones are more than just bringing in immediate answers as they find schools for children, to teach people, to help with documents,” he said explicitly. “It’s natural for my car driver to have a seat, my grand-father in Odessa and the boat. He fucks the civil war in Russia. The story is happening,” he said.

At midnight, a bus arrives and charges a foul of people. Beaucoup portent des valises et des sacs à dos, les hurlements d’un babé se font entender au loin. The migrants are located in the center of the Acceleil Ukraine in the Croix-Rouge restaurant, which is one of the most interesting days for other French regions.

At the moment, Olena and her father, the original of Cherkasy, a city located in the south-east of Kiev, arrived at the gates of the center of the city. “I was invited to France to celebrate his birthday and to spend some holidays with children, but he wants to win and stay with us,” said Raconte Alena, a resident of France. “We are here to be my father and I have chosen to come to the sanctuary, I want to be able to cover the French Social Security”.

As Svetlana and Alyssa, Olena and her father wanted to call for a return to launch the visitor’s dances to get a Vitale ticket. L’Ukrainienne jure que son père restera avec sa famille à Paris aussi longtemps que durera la guerre. “Everything in the world can be rented to the house”, he said, the larks aux yeux.

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