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Lendemain de la levée de certaines sanctions against Cuba, Washington a announcé, mardi, an implementation of sanctions against Venezuela, careant notamment une “derogation limitedée” octroyée au groupe petrolier americain Chevron dans le cadre de l’embar. This gesture intervened in the event of the summit of the Americas organized in June by President Joe Biden in Los Angeles.

Les États-Unis ont anncé mardi 17 mai an implementation of three limited limits against lourdes sanctions against Venezuela, presented as a gesture to favor a recent reprise of the dialogue between President Nicolas Maduro and the opposition parute. After the death of certain restrictions on the visit of Cuba Lundi, this is the second Latin American adversary of the United States, which benefits from a coup d’etat.

But responsible American people in “coincidences” around the United States have joined forces with President Joe Biden in Los Angeles. Nicaragua is not invited, and it should be sensitive to these applications of the American position.

Concerning Venezuela, the succession of sanctions is “one of a number of camps to crack down on bargaining” in Mexico. . The prefect who won this prize “to the demand of the Venezuelan government of transit” of the opposition Juan Guaida, recognized by the United States as the President of the Legislature of Venezuela.

Oil Prize

The Venezuelan pourparlers are in October. However, a rare visit of the emissaries of the Biden administration was supported by the Socialist President in Mars, but he was able to liberate two American Americans in Venezuela and to promote a reprisal of dialogue with the opposition.

In addition, this issue will support the speculation on a possible embargo on the embargo on Venezuelan oil companies in Washington in 2019 in the wake of Nicolas Maduro’s choice of variety. Les États-Unis faisaient en effet le tour du monde en quête d’hydrocarbures pour compenser la perte du brut russe à la suite des sanctions en réponse à l’Uvasion de l’Ukraine par Moscou.

Most of the mercury measures are not available with a volunteer to pay the oil price, and the responsible Americans are safe. In the detail, this “implementation of sanctions” will take into account a “limited derogation” imposed on the American oil chevron group Chevron in the embargo frame. The company for “negotiating the terms of potential futures activities in Venezuela”, without any conclusion of the new agreement with the national company Venezuela VAT, explicitly and responsibly.

Espoir in Caracas

“Venezuela has verified and confirmed the diffuse information provided by the United States of America on the authorization of American and European oil companies to negotiate and prosecute their operations in Venezuela,” he said. She said that these decisions “open the voyage to the left of complete illegal sanctions that touch all our people”.

Son Côté, la Plate-forme unitaire, qui regroupe les principaux partis de l’nézuélienne opposition, a reclame dans un communiqué une date pour la reprise des pourparlers, precisant qu’elle pasassé n Washington individuelles.

Selon des médias américains, Carlos Eric Malpica Flores, a former PDVSA staffer and neveu de la the Prime Minister of Venezuela, doit par aileurs être retiré de la list noire du Tresor america.

“Aucune de ces mesures allegeant la presion ne va mener à un accroissement des revenus du régime”, assuré le haut responsève. The martial arts that the American policy of the Venezuelan demeurage included: the sanctions “allied” in the case of advances against democracy and the elections “libres”, and “alourdies” si le process.

Protestant Americans

This guarantee does not allow you to judge American Americans in the first league in opposition to the power of the Socialist conductor.

“President Biden affirms democracy and human rights, but his foreign policy is based on the decision of conciliation and the concession of dictators,” said Democrat Senator Flora Marcoel, plus the Greater Community of the Venetian Diaspora.

“To make Maduro a sign of non-merit gestures for the sake of which the regime of trade in the table of interests is a strategy vouée à l’échec,” said peeing son Bob Menendez, Joe Dueme Partendes.

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