The application of the American armies to the Ukrainians forcibly reduced the supplies of the United States. Experts are alert to the risk of penile enumeration in the multiplication of conflicts. It is preferable to have time to pay for a large part of these equipment.

The montant is colossal. The United States is at the point of unblocking a new envelope of 40 billion dollars (worth 38.4 billion euros) of aid to Ukraine. After the opening of the Chamber of Representatives on May 10, the project of which is currently being held before the Senate, before being promoted by Joe Biden. A precedent without precedent that is not consistent with the American industrial industry.

The help of the state of affairs: 6 billion dollars to reduce the cost of Ukrainian military equipment in anti-aircraft vehicles and anti-aircraft defense, which is 8.7 billion dollars to increase the supply of military equipment. Kyiv, and 11 billion dollars to supplement the emergency services that the White House to unblock without the fire of the Congress. The rest of the 40 billion dollar vote is secret to non-military finances, with a humanitarian will and an economic aid.

Depuis le debut de l’Uvasion de l’Ukraine par la Russie, Washington a déjà envoyé pour plus de 3,5 milliardie de dollar d’armes, notamment des missiles antichar Javelin, des missiles antiaériens Stinger tirés à l’épaule artileriji ab ‘ uniting the M777, and the new kamikaze drones Switchblade and Phoenix Ghost.

The member of these arms transfers from Ukraine commune to inquire about parliamentary and military experts. The redoutent uneducated and durable desinuation of American stockings, not only in the case of other foreign tensions, with the Northern Corée, Iran or the United States.

Limited missile stocks

In the heart of preoccupations, the diminution of Javelin and American Stinger stocks. Le Pentagone n’a plus acheté de missiles Stinger depuis près de vingt ans, tandis que le fabricant Raytheon a prévenu que ses stocks de pièces detachées étaient limétes. Or plus 1400 of these anti-aircraft missiles, you are a quarter of the American reserves, on this day in Kiev.

The Democrat Adam Smith and the Republican Mike Rogers, two members of the Commission of the Armed Forces of the Chamber of Representatives, are on the alert for the alarm. “Cela fait presque deux mois que je demande au ministère de la Défense un plan de reproppvisionnement de notre stock de Stinger et de Javelin”, a déploré Mike Rogers, qui avait averti le chef d’état-major-interatmées’Mark Milley de lley de the situation in a courier dating back to March.

“Les États-Unis ont envoyé environ un tiers de leur stock de Javelin et de Stinger,” counting the part of Mark Cansian, an old Marine colonel and expert on budget strategy of the Pentagon, who was a chief adviser at the Strate Center. and International Studies in Washington. A piece of information that has been confirmed by the Minister of Defense.

Lack of qualified quality

Le hic, souligne cet expert en armament, c’est qu’il faudra au moins quatre ans aux États-Unis pour réapprovisionner ses stocks en rakety antichar Javelin. Sachant que le pays en produit current environ un millier par an – dont 200 vendus à l’etranger – et que Washington en a envoyé 5 500 en Ukraine, il faudra sans doute doubler la production, ce qui peut prendre un specific temps de mise en route, preview-il.

These are the contexts that Joe Biden is rendering on May 2 at the Lockheed Martin in Alabama and are famous for the famous Javelin, to support and support the salarias and the double bouquets. A visit that should include a bright military industry.

But reality is all other. The American industrial industry lacks the cruelty of the main day, in modern times, the traitants are traumatized by the traitor, more than the complexities of the rapid development of the Americans, analyze Michael O’Hanlan, director of foreign policy research at the Brookings Institution of Washington.

“The problem is that it is not only the companies that work hard to find the people who are, for example, employed by Starbucks. It is also the fact that these people are not all I have passed the incompetent competencies. The lack of about 6 million qualifications for making tours of the American economy in your ensemble. “

To the Minister of Defense, the task is to find a solution. Le Pentagone organizes de reunions hebdomadaires avec les entreprises de défense, notamment pour les aider à résoudre les problèmes de leurs caínes d’approvisionnement en trouvant de nouveaux fournisseurs pour les pièces les plus rares.

Other representatives of the diversification of the armies of Ukraine. The American army has three different variants, offering the most capacities that Javelin, in addition to the argument of Kathleen Hicks, Ministry of Defense, in support of the British Hebdomadore The Economist. “We still continue to donate to the armies of Ukraine without being in danger of being secured. We have to adapt to what we have to do. more recent, and our allies are very happy to do the same “, suggest also Mark Cancian.

Tester of new unmanned aerial vehicles

In a rematch, which led the drones Switchblade and Phoenix Ghost envoyés in Ukraine, he said that the war constitutes an opportunity for Washington, which has an idea plus the precision of its function. “They are new systems [de drones suicides capables de percer des blindés, NDLR] – ils sont presque expérimentaux -, donc il n’est pas surrenant que nous ayons envoyé à peu près tout töt notre inventaire », indique l’ancien палкоўнік Марк Кансіян.

The liquidation of the reserves in the missiles, that the Stinger lives in four decades, pours it out to be more profit-making, an experiment of other observers, to develop versions plus versions of modern armaments.

“The problem is urgent: it makes you want to be able to do 12 to 14 months ago,” said Michael O’Hanlan. “Or, to develop new systems of armaments, it is a minimum of two years and not to have a technological problem or a major problem. It is not the best time.”

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