This will be a banal session of drifting as it can be a little part of the United States, it will finally be transformed into a credible piloting lesson and a station.

Car oui, after its premiere, the BMW Conductor Modifier has been modified for a second in the direction of the two cars without lone de lui. More or less that you know how to play the videos that he can pass on the Internet, he wants to exploit the fire between the two.

Ce créneau relève tout simplement du miracle puisque, même à l’arrêt et en s’y reprenant plusieurs fois, tout le monde n’y arrivalrait pas. Above all, it is interesting to have two voices like this and not a maximum of style plus the whole.

This is to say, with a master of your vehicle, that the pilot will not be able to have enough to find places in the city!

The state of purity

Nous ne savons pas s’il avait prévenu ses amis sur ses intentions et sur la manœuvre qu’il comptait réaliser, mais en tout cas, tout le monde a été extrêmement surpris. In time for him, this is very spectacular.

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