It is part of the community that the new voivodes have new rights to a government bonus of 6,000 euros (which can be sold at 5,000 euros after 1e juillet 2022), and these hybrids of rechargeable batteries, which allow you to get 1000 euros of management assistance, load qui disparaîtra au 1e julienne. But it doesn’t matter what a simplification. Subsidies from the administration are in effect on the emissions of CO2 and they are not conditional on a type of motorization. Bonus of 1000 euros with the application of aux models available between 20 g / km and 50 g / km, a category that does not regroupe in the effect of rechargeable hybrids. The maximum bonus of 6,000 euros applies to 20 g / km CO.2a category that does not support any electrical models.

The change in time changes and a new generation of rechargeable hybrid models is on the train. The constructors are equipped with models of additional batteries and more important ones. Cele a record for the effect of increasing autonomy in electric mode, but also to reduce the emissions of CO emissions2 normalizées, qui pèsent lourd sur la moyenne des vechicules vendus et peuvent découler sur des amendes salées en cas de dispasement des seuils fixés par l’Union Européenne. Ainsi, on commence to fleurir on the market of rechargeable hybrid models that are tiennent sur la fiche technique at less than 20 g / km of CO2.

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