For some time now, we have presented you with this theory of fan sequel Homer beaucoup plus riche qu’il n’y paraît, l’occasion de rappeler à quel point l’humour absurde si characteristic of the series of Matt Graning subject to the reality of the issue of serious issues. Et si la seri est reconnue pour son ton decale, il n’empêche que The Simpsons Forest is equal to the share of strong emotions with the public.

the birth of magic

Depuis ses debuted in 1989the animation series The Simpsons Forest unforgettable moments offered to the public. The series, which is a satirical view of an American family and a fictional city of Spingfield, traversed the decades. Records Elle a battu de nombreux, notamment celui de la serie d’animation aéantine ayant le plus grand nombre d’épisodes. However, this is an equal entry in the Guinness Book of Records, which has always been diffuse in this way. The number of raises is explicit in the longitude of the seriesmost of the entre elles sont liées à sa distribution de personnages devenus emblématiques ainsi qu’à son ton humoristicque personnel et conscient.

Cependant, the series is all known for moments of emotional resonance. Malgré la exagérée et absurde de la seria, un grand trud est appporté pour rendre les personages très humans, the property in a sort of reality to the public can be identified. And well there are some examples of instant emotions in the moment The Simpsons Foresta scene of other deeds.

13 episode 6 of the seasonin the title “Et avec Maggie ça fait trois” (VO: And Maggie Makes Three), Гамер раконт à ses enfants l’histoire de la naissance de la plus jeune de la famille, Мэгі. In the epoch, Gamer at the nuclear power plant to exert the goal of his dreams, bartender at the “bowling alley”. After having a birthday party, Marge finds out that she is the first and the owner of the house in Homer. He finishes by apprenticeship, and he will be able to support the return to work at the center. In the guise of the “welcome cadeau”, M. Burns laisse une plaque dans le bureau d’Homer sur laquelle on peut lire : “Don’t forget: you’re here forever” (liit.: “N’oublie pas, tu es là pour toujours”).

Lorsk Maggie finishes first, Homer Louis Porter will direct his love of conditions. In return for the present, Bart and Lisa did not understand any of the short stories or photos of Maggie in their family album. Гамер адказає Alors en disant qu’il a des photos, mais qu’elles sont gardées quelque part où il en a le plus besoin. On the other hand, the photos of Maggie are located in the Homer’s office, on the famous plaque that burns from the Burns River. The photos are available to find the varieties that modify the motto on the plate, but it is still mainstream and free : “Do it for her” (lit .: “fais le pour elle”).

It is easy to understand, to spend all the homeries of Homer, what a fund, to have a family and work hard to subsidize your feelings. Ainsi, tout parent qui s’est battu pour subvenir aux besoins de ses prochescan be a sign of work in an employer who is less likely to make other types of concessions, can be identified immediately.

This is justice, there is a post on Reddita user of the image of the scene, the success of the lives of the reactions of the fans. On peut alors y lire de nombreux commentaires, faisant les louanges de la serie, et prouvant à quel point cette scéne les a touchés.

At the moment, as a kiss, they are the reason for the simplicity of the Simpsons and Futurama on an advance on the plurality of other children’s songs. – u / Cal679

The first time I saw this episode, I appealed to my father, who at the moment gave 70 hours of money to subsidize my mother-in-law, my sister-in-law and my best friend, je l ‘ aimais. A brilliant episode. – and / Strangeglove

Ma fille est nee le 15 de ce mois. J’ai repris le travail il ya 2 jours et alors que je compte les secondes jusqu’à 17h … Je vais imprimer ça et le coller sur mon écran. – U / Plum_Loco

These are the scenes as well as the ones that are in the background The Simpsons Forest lost long time. If he regards the scenes of comedians and satirists, he finds that an authentic emotion rises in the character of the characters, ending the series of events. With this series, Groening is trying to satisfy the potential of being able to focus on the issue and rehearse the society in the light of life, all in a sense of touching their sensibility.

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