You will be able to promote and take care of the Bowser Forteresse Extension Set, which includes the LEGO Super Mario game, a good plan for new adventures.

LEGO La Forteresse Volante de Bowser: one super promotional set

The game LEGO Super Mario you can reconstruct the levels of the franchise university and this time it is Fortress of Volante de Bowser which assembles a huge boat. The players turn around to use a fashion or a fashion course and make a difference to pass the different Bowser pieces in a timeless situation. I have a POW block and sort it out Taupe cakes.

Set Dans ce, on the statuettes retrouve aussi plusieurs: Camek, Taupe cakeset al Gumbaainsi qu’un tuyau canon de demarrage pour commencer le niveau.

Commercial for 99.99 euros on the official boutique, you can order the ICI commander for 59.99 euros, which is a 40% discount. And to start the adventure, he also left the unpacking pack with an extension at the reduced price.

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