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This is 2020. Just before the Covid-19 pandemic and the premier confinement, the best English builder BAC – for Briggs Automotive Company – presented by Mono, a monologue homologated on the route. The Liverpool Basin, the company presenting the main platform technology on a wide range of cars, baptized e-Mono. Realizations in collaboration with the specialist of motorized propulsion teams in hydrogena Viritech, which are based on the creation of a creation of a supercar emission that rests on the conductor.

Car la Mono ne pesait que 555 kilograms toute mouillée. The implantation of batteries and a traditional electric motor riske at the end of the car season. According to BAC, the expertise of Viritech should be able to conceive a pile of combustible light, “and the effect that all that exists on the market”.

From 0 to 100 km / h in 2.2 seconds

BAC e-MonoCredit photo – BAC

Strong, this chicken is combustible and can be used in a battery. “Nous allons l’implanter le plus bas possible dans le plancher de la voiture”, promet BAC. In general, the e-Mono devrait develop around 376 ch. The car is a uniquely proposed with an integral transmission. Selon BAC, cette e-Mono sera, is capable of speeds from 0 to 100 km / h and 2.2 seconds, as well as up to 265 km / h. D’après le cycle d’homologation WLTP, la voiture profiterait d’une autonomie de 267 kilometers. The son can gain 655 pounds in the environment.

See a model less than Mono?

BAC e-Mono

BAC e-MonoCredit photo – BAC

Avant de commercialiser cette e-Mono, BAC compte realize encore quelques corrections. The fuel efficiency of the fuel can be used to increase the autonomy of 50% of 2024, without having to pay for the house. This last should be reduced to the utilization of a carbon fiber compartment to increase the fuel content. “We have developed a new battery module that weighs 30 kg less,” BAC announced.

The date of the sort of BAC e-Mono is not announced at the beginning of our writings.

In short

Oui, l’hydrogène est is compatible with all sports. The petite British builder BAC has developed a sportswear that is a fuel that can be transformed into a carburetor with electric energy. Baptisée e-Mono, la voiture devrait developper 376 ch, 655 kilograms and acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h and 2.2 seconds.

Quentin Geru

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