In a queue of efficiency on production lines, Trigo does not want to miss the automation box. The group specializes in inspection and securitization of production lines to announce the acquisition of the start-up Scortex, specializing in automation solutions for quality control at industrial destinations.

This young man, launched in 2016, made the industrial innovation his battlefield. They are a team of six-year-olds to build deep learning algorithms and automate inspection and generate generation in time of data and statistics on production quality. In this long process, the volumes of data are consequentially necessary for the machine to be in the measure of three different products and products that conform to a human operator.

Trigo, who essentially intervenes after the transport industry in the car and aeronautics, in addition to experimenting with the use of Scortex depuis un an et demi. Mathieu Rambaud, CEO of Trigo, noted that the automation solution claims to be part of the control of “volumes and recurrences” that accompany ensembles.

Feasibility and repeatability

“The quality, which is not a black or white domain, is a park of great gray areas” Southern Pontbriand Aymeric, founder and CEO of Scortex.

If the human operator is not infamous, the machine is trained in revenge, but there is one more thing:

For Trigo, the tool is automated to another advantage: a large harvesting machine with excellent information to improve the quality of products. Trigo offers the effect of engineering services and industrial quality advice to our customers. An outsider in his life escalates to help the company to “analyze the problems detected and understand the reasons, and to propose solutions to solutions to problems to clients” explicit Matthieu Rambaud.

A roadmap acceleration

Scortex, de son côté, entend doubler ses effectifs cette l’année pour acceleler le «ісці на рынак» de son produit, et passer à l’échelle lez le le réseau de Trigo. The startup can also be used to produce a roadmap and number the operating quality of the pilot, “to address the maximum of the possible use and to furnish modernist facilities that will be open to experts who have chosen a lower center in this area” Aymeric de Pontbriand.

A stade plus advance, l’IA me aussi vers le predictive. Selon Aymeric de Pontbriand, “on peet commencer à detecter des signaux faibles si la qualité est en dérive”. Ainsi, “before the game with a small pie is not in line, he will be able to alert you more than anything. »

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