© Reuters. DOSSIER PHOTO: The Albertsons logo is visible on an Albertsons épicerie, alors que Kroger accepte d’acheter son Albertsons dans le cadre d’un accord visant à combine les deux chaînes de supermarketes, à Rancho Cucamonga, Californie, États-Unis, October 14, 2022. REUTERS/Aude Guerrucci

Par Siddharth Kavale

NEW YORK (Reuters) – The attorneys general of Washington, California and Illinois have filed federal charges blocking Albertsons from paying $4 billion in dividends pending its merger with rival Kroger (NYSE:).

“(Le procès) demande une ordonnance restrictive temporaire pour arrêter un paiement de près de de 4 milliards de dollars aux shareholders d’Albertsons – un paiement 57 fois supérieur aux dividendes historiques qu’Albertsons a fornis – jusqu’à ce qu’un examen complet de leur projet de fusion soit termine,” Carl Racine, Washington Attorney General declaration in a communiqué.

The trial was filed under seal in front of the American District Court of the District of Columbia, he said.

“The rush of Albertsons to obtain a record salary for its investors threatens the jobs of District residents and access to affordable food and grocery products in neighborhoods where there is no alternative,” Racine added. .

Reuters reported the news for the first time on Wednesday.

Albertsons and Kroger did not immediately respond to demandes de commentaires.

Kroger bought Albertsons as part of a 25 billion dollar deal last month in order to better compete with the American food industry leader Walmart (NYSE 🙂 Inc) on prices.

Albertsons has announced the payment of a “special cash dividend” of up to 4 billion dollars to its shareholders in the framework of the agreement.

L’affaire déposée mercredi est le bureau du attorney general du District de Columbia et al c. Kroger Co. And others. with docket number 1:22-cv-03357.

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