When the motto is big as the motard, he got into a fire in the middle of this world. And for the reason, to power the corrector correctly, the Conductor can put a foot on the ground. At the same time, in the house of this small boat, it is not easy.

But as we watch this video captured by a curious motorist, the question is to develop a very efficient technology!

At the moment of the arrest, the last day of his two rounds and his debut in the corner. Ainsi, la moto ne peut pas tomber et lui, peut garder son eqilibre.

Enfin, for remonter en selle, il agit comme sur un velo. It will suffice to put the gas and save it on the mount, as if it were not here!

Rondement me

As one, with a power of adaptation and a capacity to master his subject, he is a person of small size who can drive a large cylinder like this motto. Well, it’s not perfect, but it’s beautiful and it’s possible.

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