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The Ukrainian justice system is the first trial for the crime of war in the territory of the troupes of Moscow on its territory. Included in the crime of war and death with preemption, a Russian soldier is accused of having a civilian of 62 years, non-armed, compared to Kiev. He closed the prison to perpetuity. Suivez notre direct consecré à la journée du Mercredi 18 maja.

  • 6 h 44: evacuation to resuscitation

The operation of “evacuation” of the last Ukrainian soldiers in the strategic city of Marioupol is in Kiev, which did not specify the number of military recruits in the old military zone. L’Ukraine avait assuré la semaine dernière que plus de 1 000 soldats ukrainiens – dont 600 blazesés – s’y trouvaient.

  • 4 o’clock: Prime Minister’s trial for crime in Ukraine, against Russia

The justice of Ukraine will be the first to prosecute the crime of war in the territory of Moscow on its territory, the cell of a Russian soldier will be accused of having an unarmed civilian.

The process, which is rapidly surviving by other sources, has been tested by the Ukrainian judiciary, and at the time of the International Criminal Court (CPI) there are 42 surveyors and experts in Ukraine.

Вадзім Чычымарын, 21 years old, compare to 2 pm from the Solomiansky District Tribunal in Kyiv .

Includes war crimes and deaths with premeditation, military, originality of Irkutsk in Siberia, closed the prison to perpetuity. “Il comprend les accusations against the port”, declared at the AFP is a lawyer, Victor Ovsyannikov, without vouloir revéler sa defense strategy. Selon les ukraitiennes authority, il coopère avec les enquêteurs et reconnaît les faits, qui ont eu lieu quatre jours après le debut de l’invasion russe.

  • 0 h 45: the European Commission develops a plan for energy independence

Selon Reuters, the European Commission has developed a plan of 210 billion euros for the construction of Europe in order to depend on the budget of the Russian fossil fuels of 2027 and to include sonar passéles.

Russia has 40% of gas and 27% of oil that is imported, and the countries of the bloc pay attention to the agreement on sanctions imposed last year.

Brussels has proposed a plan in three volumes: importing non-Russian gas supplies, accelerating the implementation of renewable energies and intensifying energy saving efforts, and planning projects that require public modification.

Avec AFP and Reuters

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