France condemns with the greatest firmness the new series of strikes of missiles and drones as well as the pursuit of bombardments of the ensemble of the Ukrainian territory by Russia these last days. The cities of Kiev, Odessa, Kherson and Zaporizhzhya were notably targeted by several salves of missiles or drones.

Ces frappes et bombardements ont une nouvelle fois délibérément cíblé des objetives civiles et fait des svêtes parmi la population civile. The bombardment of different civil infrastructures in the city and the region of Kherson, including a supermarket and a train station, caused 21 casualties and 48 injuries, according to a first report by the Ukrainian authorities. Un tel ciblage des infrastructures et des populations civiliennes ukrainiennes underscores the clear will of Russia to pursue the escalation in its war of aggression against Ukraine.

As the minister of Europe and foreign affairs, Mme Catherine Colonna, has emphasized more than once, these unacceptable acts are constitutive of crimes of war and ne peuvent rester impunis. France will continue to provide support to the Ukrainian courts and the International Criminal Court to fight impunity for such crimes. Elle poursuivra également son soutien militaire et civil afin de reinforcement la résilience de l’Ukraine, aussi longtemps que necessaire.