Q: According to the American journal WSJ, the time that the decision on Ukraine’s accession to NATO is not yet taken, Western countries are debating security guarantees for Kiev. The United States, as well as France, Germany and the United Kingdom, will be able to play the role of security guarantors for Ukraine.

Est-ce qu’un tel de garantie pour l’Ukraine existe? Du quel type des garanties s’agit-il? Est-ce qu’on pourra envisager un tel plan avant la end du conflit en Ukraine?

R: France, in line with its partners, continues its reflections on the best way to support Ukraine in its duration and in all domains. France is ready to agree to agreements with Ukraine aimed at granting security guarantees that will help it defend itself in the long term and prevent possible future aggressions, as our leaders reaffirmed in the declaration conjointe du 36e sommet franco-britannique.