Enfant, Will.i.am “in the art of hip-hop legendary rappers on Mercedes”, il a donc “toujours rêvé de posséder une Mercedes”. The chanter of the Black Eyed Peas is well received this object. But he wants to go all the way: to buy a Mercedes, a model who is also a car driver.

C’est aujourd’hui chose Faite. Will.i.am s’est associé à la firm à l’étoile, ils ont ensemble conçu un véhicule unique, ce qu’on appelle dans le jargon un one-off (comme la Ferrari SP48 Unica dévoilée cette semaine). Son name: WILL.I.AMG.

The base is located in the AMG GT at four gates, which can be reconstructed at the rear level. Mais l’avant est complément revu, avec une influence evident: le Classe G. Voilà qui donne un melange curieux. On retrouve ainsi les optiques rondes et la calandre bien droite du baroudeur, et plus généralement son aspect très carré. Author of the influence: la SLS Gullwing. This vehicle is one of the two most important gates, with an inverted overture.

Will.i.am aussi permis de changer le logo. This Mercedes is a place in the history of the world, a logo that he will retrieve from a collection of clothes, do not have a lot of receipts in the foundation of the chancellor, to be able to “teach students” Jesus Communities defined “of access to education” of the endowment of competencies required for employment of employees and inventory of new technologies “.

Une Mercedes unique pour Will.i.am.

The coupe, not the engine on this retouched track, will make its debut in Miami (United States) at the Formula 1 Grand Prix.

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