“I am all that Donald Trump was born”, said Karine Jean-Pierre in 2018. The name of the young porter of the House of Blanche, this Haitian-American of 44 years to be the first woman in the world to be honored by the prestige of redoubtable exposures. She remarked Jen Psaki, don’t she adjoin the adjoint, on the 13th of May, she was a communiqué de la Maison Blanche dans lequel le pézident démocrate Joe Biden loue «l’expert et de taléri» buduci «press- secretary.

Is there Caryn Jean-Pierre?

Caryn Jean-Pierre was born in 1977 in Fort de France, Martinique, to parents Haïtiens qui avaient fui la dictature des Duvalier. A birth on the French side of the press, raconte-t-elle dans son livre “Moving Forward”. “More people are looking for a Canadian visa, and they want to go to Canada, but with the last time they emigrated to the United States. She took the idea of ​​what she wanted to do for the immigration authorities, but she didn’t want to. But all that was annulled lorsque je suis arrivée dix jours plus tôt », raconte-t-elle.

The racism is omnipresent (Paris)

Elle ne restera qu’un an en Martinique, ses batkov emigrant à Paris, où elle apprendra à parler français. But the family doesn’t have a good souvenir from this period. “It simply came to our notice then. Les Parisiens relates to the sea in a great distance that the country is a place of immigrants. Good night, this is where you can save $ 10,000 for a new life. When I came to France, we had to quit France to raise parents plus people who live in the florist’s community of Queens, New York.

Comment est-elle arrivée à ce poste?

New York, which is a great taxi driver and most important, Karine Jean-Pierre, a graduate of the prestigious University of Columbia, is one of the most successful politicians in the world. She also explained the combination of family courses, emblematic of the “American dream”, and this determinant for career.

Member of the Democratic Party, political analyst for NBC News and MSNBC, and work for Barack Obama’s two campaigns (2008 and 2012) for Joe Biden. Promise the chefs of the cabinet of Kamala Harris, the Democratic nominee for vice president, after the end of the election in the House of Blanche in the election of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in November 2020, comme adjoin-par. She gave her a place plus more, as a number two, before the celebrity blue fund of the “James S. Brady Press Briefing Room”. Mais à l’avenir, ce n’est plus comme doublure de Jen Psaki qu’elle se prêtera à l’exercice hautement périlleux de la konéference de pressé quotidienne de la Maison Blanche, retransmise en direct et décoriq.

Why in the nomination fait figure de symbole?

Karine Jean-Pierre «to be the first woman to live, the first person to open LGBTQ + to occupy this function, which is terrible It is possible to work hard and with great dreams, ”said Jen Psaki.

Karine Jean-Pierre shared the life of Suzanne Malveaux, a CNN reporter, with the help of a girl. On the White House, in front of her, one of the women next to her, Judy Smith, was given the opportunity to speak, near the residence of George HW Bush, in 1991.

Comment at-elle réagi?

“It’s a historic moment and I really understand it. Je comprends combien c’est important pour tant de gens », a réagi, émue, la future« press-secretary. Interrogée sur le message qu’elle souhaitait livrer aux jeunes filles americaines – et aux garçons, at-elle tenu à compléter -, elle a déclaré: «si vous travaillez très dur pour un objectif, cela arrivalra. Oui, vous subirez des coups durs, vous traverserez des moments difficiles et cela ne sera pas toujours facile mais la récompense sera incroyable, surtout si vous restez fidèles à ce que vous êtes. »

The new words of the House of Blanche are also important to make the most of the benefits of mental health: She will have this victim of sexual aggression in her infancy, and she will suffer from depression.