Union Minister of the Interior Amit Shah urged Delhi University scholars to focus on the discussion rather than engage in “conflict of ideologies”.

Speaking at an international seminar organized by the University of Delhi on “Reviewing the Ideas of India, from Swaraj to New India”, Shah said: discussions ”.

The Minister praised the new policy in the field of education, describing it as “inclusive”, which affects the bright future of the country and is based on the concept of an education system based on Indian values. “Prime Minister Narendra Modi has a clear policy that only the youth of our country can make us great, and if India has to be the best in every field, then the youth will have to be inspired, the way and the platform will have to be shown,” he said. collected.

Shah called on the University of Delhi to “become a vehicle for an era of change”, which, he said, “began in the country in 2014”. The University of Delhi, which has witnessed many national movements, also contributed to saving the country’s democracy in 1975, he said.

Swaraj interprets the ideas of the supremacy of svadesh, svabhasha, svadharma, our culture and country, and the whole idea of ​​Swaraj is the idea of ​​New India, the minister stressed.

“India is a geocultural country, and if we don’t understand that, we can’t understand the concept of India,” Shah said.

He also praised the Prime Minister and said that India under Modi had achieved a lot from 2014 to 2022. Today, millions of economically disadvantaged people have begun to consider themselves part of the country’s development path, he said.

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May 19, 2022

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