Ever since Apple revised its App Store guidelines in April, numerous retro game emulators have emerged for the iPhone. From the classic NES to the DS, Delta and Retroarch have allowed users to relive their favorite gaming moments. However, until now, there hasn’t been a viable option for playing Nintendo 3DS games on your iPhone. This gap has been filled by Folium, the first emulator available on Apple’s App Store that supports 3DS gaming alongside DS and Game Boy Advance titles. While Folium caters perfectly to enthusiasts of Nintendo’s final three handheld eras, users seeking earlier Game Boy games or retro consoles like SNES or N64 will need to explore alternative emulators.

Unlike Delta, Folium comes with a price tag: $4.99, set by its developer, Jarrod Norwell. While there are free options available for playing DS games, those determined to experience 3DS gaming on their iPhone will need to invest in Folium. Considering that $5 is significantly cheaper than the price of a single 3DS game, it’s a reasonable deal for avid gamers.

Similar to other retro emulators on iOS, Folium does not provide games to play directly. This aligns with Apple’s App Review guidelines, which permit emulators but prohibit the distribution of copyrighted material. Upon purchasing and installing Folium, users must add their own ROMs or game files to the app. Although the legality of this practice is debatable, proponents argue that it’s permissible as long as users own the games they are emulating.

Once users have their 3DS ROMs, Folium can be run on iPhones running iOS 15 or later, iPads with iPadOS 15 or later, Macs with macOS 12 or later, and even Vision Pro. The app offers various upscaling filters like HQx and xBRZ, allowing users to customize how their older games appear on modern smartphone displays. Additionally, for DS and 3DS games, users can choose whether to boot into the Home Menu or start playing the game immediately.

Folium supports a diverse range of controller options, offering users a more immersive gaming experience beyond the iPhone’s touchscreen.