Beaucoup d’Internautes is the first to criticize the video of the introduction of pilots before the Grand Prix. The game is too busy, it’s awesome hilarant thanks to the filter!

no, the video of the introduction of the pilots for this season 2022-2023 is not for the sake of anonymity. Mais cette parodie realizée grâce à un filtere Snapchat, elle, ne va pas manquer de vous faire rire c’est certain.

Et pour ce faire, son auteur ne s’est pas creusé la tête bien longtemps. Eh no, the addition of the phone is up to date The Miami Grand Prix and the active “Sad Face” filter in the Snapchat app.

Ainsi, tous les visages des pilotes, habituellement trè souriants, ont été modifíés pour donner une impression de tristesse. No visitors, voice videos and all il est nemoguće de ne pas sourire devant ces images.

I tried the sad face snapchat filter on the F1 input. from formuladank

All the world and pass

This video, The pilot is not spared. Due to the fact that the current classification is current, all of its visibility has been modified by exceptional filters.

And it will be clear that, according to the list, this idea is very interesting and very realistic. This is right na dirait presque que les pilotes avaient les larmes aux yeux au moment de tourner ce spot d’introduction. But we can say that this is absolutely not the case!

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