In his complaint, Tsivari called Mustafa a “common Muslim woman” (representative image)

A report was filed against the school principal for allegedly involving students in additional grades when they shot a 20-second video wishing “Happy Eid”

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A report was filed against the school principal for allegedly extorting additional grades from students when they shot a 20-second video wishing “Happy Eid” at the festival and dressing in a certain style. Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP) leader Lal Mani Tivari in his complaint filed at the Kidganzha Police Station on Wednesday claimed that Dr. Bushra Mustafa, director of Nyaya Nagar Jhunsi Public School, sent a message to students on May 2 asking the boys to put on their coats and jackets. girls wear salwar kurta and dupatta the next day for video.

“Children are innocent, and talking about putting more points for wearing Eid costumes and making videos is an attempt to attract them to a particular religion. This can be seen as a step towards religious conversion, ”Tsivari said. In his complaint, Tivari called Mustafa a “community-minded Muslim woman” and claimed that she had made a deliberate attempt to hurt the religious feelings of Hindus.

He said it was part of a conspiracy to spoil the atmosphere of educational institutions and create a rift between children, causing religious discrimination among them. Tiwari also said that Hindu festivals were celebrated with Eid on May 3 – Akshai Tritiya and Parshur Jayanti – but Mustafa did not hold any events related to these holidays.

The school has children from different communities, he said. Rammurti Yadav, in charge of the Kidganja police station to which Tivari filed a complaint, said an investigation would be launched at the Zhongxi police station as the case falls under his jurisdiction. There have been no arrests so far, Yadav said.

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