How much better to pick up a taxi driver? On se lemande en voyant ces images et à vrai dire, nous n’avons pas la réponse si ce n’est son orgueil qui en a pris un coup!

The author of this video does not come back to understand what he wants to get out of more than what he wants to do, this is what I want to avoid this taxi.

You want to see the son of a conductor literally took a cable after a motorist on the road. And again, “coupé la route”, this is the life of a little Mazda blue in a question that is simply incompatible with me.

Alors oui, la manœuvre était un peu forcée et ça n’a clairement pas plus au chauffeur de derrière. But we can’t react to it! This foul of the steering wheel is ready for everyone to smoke and repair before the SUV blew right after.

What’s wrong with the police?

It is a good idea to have the strength of the train to train on the coin at the moment. Peu importe comment la Mazda lui a coupé la route, ça ne justifiait absolument pas de reagir de la sorte.

Effectively, the taxi is completely cracked in the middle of the double board (in Royaume-Uni it is interdit) you can play on the front door to double all the way.

Et le plus fou dans cette histoire, it’s that the taxi transports the customer’s return. On imagine donc leurs têtes à ce moment-là …

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