The announcement of the Twitter account of April in the last billionaire Elon Musk provoked a media session. He said that he would pay 44 billion dollars to provoke large boulevards. The fadra néanmoins patient, puisque le billionaire vient de make a declaring importante.

Les Ambitions d’Elon Musk on Twitter

The ambitions of the tycoon of the technte are rapidly improving. He won the auction drastically for the benefit of the company, with annual sales of 26.4 billion dollars (24.98 billion euros) from 2028 and over 4 billion of 9, the treasury.

The souhaite element is based on the free algorithm of the appliance plus the transparency that wants to pass on the network. It is also a modified modification of the 90% return policy of the site through publicity, in an orientated way to a report on the level of subscription and publicity.

Enfin, the account also increases the number of employees working on Twitter, up to 7,500 in 1125.

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Most of these great manners do not sit on the floor all over the suiteSearch information relevant to Vient de Tomber: Elon Musk is a suspension notice on Twitter. Why?

The announcement is posted via a tweet posted on the topic of business: “ The accord is suspension time dans l’attente de details careant les calculs selon lesquels the false accounts and the spams represent the efficiency of less than 5% of users “, at-il déclaré.

Also, Musk is present details on an audit affirming that the fake accounts represent less than 5% of the users of the social network.

The deal with Twitter has been temporarily suspended until the details confirm the calculation that spam / fake accounts actually make up less than 5% of users

May 13, 2022

Plus accuracy on this affair devraient Tomber dans les prochaines heuresno we know you are informed.

As a result, the man of the affair has decided to accept the ban of the bill of Donald Trump, which will be banned from the holiday in January 2021. “I think this is a great thing, but it’s a great part of the country and it’s finally the end of Donald Trump’s job. “Avait expliké l’entrepreneur. À terme, Twitter doit devenir le refuge de la liberté d’expression, que l’homme d’affaires consideère victim d’une moderation des contenus trop stricte.

If you want to go plus you will be able to retrieve the 5 raisons that will be followed by Elon Musk to abandon your project.

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