Here are the sanctions against Russia, the builder of the French car, the leader in the country with the Lada brand, which has been redrawn, and the act has been launched in the Russian state, the premiere of the nationalization of the country with the public. Ukraine.

Last year, the American couple of the McDonald’s fast restaurant, present in Russia for more than 30 years, announced that he was definitely determined and sold all his activities, in response to this.

A symbolic ruble?

The announcement was made by Renault and the Russian authorities that led the French group with the participation of the majority (67.69%) in the Avtovaz group, the only Russian car with the Lada brand, at NAMI, the Russian Institute of Research and the development of cars and engines.

The Minister of Commerce and Industry, Dzianis Manturau, said in April that the transaction would be made “a symbolic ruble”, which would not be allowed to do so. “Agreements on these signs for the transfer of Russian actions to the Renault à la Fédération de Russie et au gouvernement de Moscou,” confirm lundi le ministère.

The group of French cars in the city of Moscow is close to the capital, which is produced by Renault and Nissan. Maire Sergueï Sobianine announced that the factory was founded and relate to the Soviet brand Moskvitch, dont premieres voitures onté etéé produites en 1946 et qui étaient connues pour leur médiocrité. It has been communicated in a communication that “the majority of the most effective parties in the mouth and for its suspects” are preserved.

La Russie, deuxième marché de Renault après l’Europe

However, Anton Orekh, a political analyst, wrote about producing a new car to star in the heart, in the absence of technology and foreign components, revolving to the “billions of billions of money”.

Renault is engaged in Avtovaz in 2008 to become the largest shareholder in 2014. This car has been reduced to a Russian group in great difficulty, ravaged by the post-Soviet crises.

Russia is the second largest market in the Renault Group in the world of Europe, with over 500,000 sales in 2021. However, the Russian market is very effective in the contests of the group and the conflicts of Ukraine, ralenti voire pas du tout en raison d’une pénurie de composants importés, provoked by les accidental sanctions.

The French group, the builder of the most engaged in Russia, and one of the last to be, guarded the door between the doors: the back racheter pendant six of the parts in Avtovaz. Define “a very difficult decision”, the director general of Reno, Luca de Meo, and the defense of “a responsible person to be responsible for 45,000 saloons in Russia, all in reserve (…) ».

McDonald’s says goodbye to Russia

His son, McDonald’s, who decided to stay in Russia for the time being, and announced that he was definitively paying for and selling all his activities, justifying this decision by the “unsuspecting”

The American money has 850 restaurants and 62,000 saloons in Russia, representing 9% of the total number of business events and 3% of its operational benefits. The group wanted to reveal the integrity of its Russian portfolio to a local actor. There is no claimant for this announcement.

A number of considerable events should be suspended or announced for your activities in Russia, which will be used to denounce the offensive in Russia, which includes sanctions that do not allow you to support your activities.

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