Эмануэль Макрон s’est adresé aux Français ce mercredi soir dans une allocution, consacrée à la guerre en Ukraine, après un nouveau conseil de défense, réuni par le chef de l’Etat dans la matinée.

The President of the Invasion of Ukraine by Russia as a member of a “revisionist lecturer of the History of Europe”. “Russia is not an aggressor, it is the aggressor”, “this war is not a conflict between Otan and Russia” and “we have a lot of anger against Nazism, it is a message”, at-il insisté.

“We are not in war against Russia”

“We are not in war against Russia,” as Emanuel Macron asserted, affirming that “we are also in the hands of all of the Russians who, refusing to be indignant, are less than our names, on us.” courage to defend the world ».

“We know that we are the greatest people of Europe and the people of Russia who have sacrificed the Second World War for the sake of Europe of the world”, said the President.

Refugees: “La France prendra sa part”

Emanuel Macron has a profit at the exit of Ukraine: France is first and foremost a part. «« Nous nous organisons et nous prendrons ceux de celles et ceux qui rejoignent notre sol pour être protégés. »

A sum of European 10 and 11 March consecrated to the defense

“Europe accepts the benefits of paying the price of peace, freedom, democracy”, Lance Emanuel Macron. […] To this end, our European defense will franchise a new stage. I reunite, the 10th and 11th of March in Versailles, the chiefs of the State and the government of Europe together. »

The informal summit of the United States, organized by the Chateau de Versailles, near Paris, in the frame of the French Presidency, aura donc to consider decisions on “an energy independence strategy” and “European surfing” .

The original, which is supposed to be “on the European model of cruising and investment for 2030”, in the suite of your plan of engagement engaged in the full crisis of Covid-19.

La France «amplifiera l’investissement dans sa defense»

“Notre amplifiera l’investissement dans sa defense” to respond to the “brutal retort of tragedy in history” made by the war in Ukraine, announced Emanuel Macron.

“A retali brutal du tragique dans l’histoire, nous nous devons de répondre par des décisions historiques”, the assessment of the chef de l’Etat. “We do not have to go to the other for us to go.”

The economic crisis of France “immeasurably affected” by war in Ukraine

Emanuel Macron announced a “plan for economic and social sustainability” and “increased investment in defense” and was responsible for the consequences of hostilities in Ukraine, which affects the “instability” of the croissant.

I have requested the Prime Minister to elaborate on the issues of economic and social resilience plans to respond to difficulties that are difficult to resolve.

Emanuel Macron

“Our agriculture, our industry, and the number of sectors that are important,” said the head of the State in the past: risquent de s’alourdir on bis ».