The European strategy aims to accelerate digital, energetic and ecological changes in emerging and developing countries. The EU plans to mobilize 300 billion euros d’ici 2027 to support the financing of sustainable and quality infrastructures, respecting social and environmental standards.

Comme announcement lors du Sommet UE-Union africaine de février 2022, l’Afrique beneficiera de la moitie des financements engagés, soit 150 billion euros. The strategy also has a particular interest in the Western Balkans and Ukraine, as well as Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean.

This strategy focuses on 5 priority sectors:

  • le numérique (access to digital infrastructures, cadre régulatory protector, développement des competences);
  • le climat et l’énergie (renewable energies and management of critical minerals, durable agro-alimentary systems, water/sanitation, management of waste, preservation of ecosystems);
  • les transports (réseaux ferroviaires, routiers, portuaires, aéroportuaires, logistiques centers et plateformes multimodales, accords et convergence regulativenes) ;
  • health (safety of pharmaceutical supply chains, development of local production capacities);
  • education and research (access to quality education and professional training, creation of academic and research networks).

The European private sector plays an essential role in the operationalization of this strategy on the ground, through the identification, co-financing and realization of concrete projects.

In order to mobilize the French private sector around this ambition, a seminar is organized on March 23, 2023 at the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, under the auspices of Olivier Becht, Minister Delegate for Foreign Trade, attractivité et des Français de l’étranger , et de Chrysoula Zacharopoulou, Secrétaire d’Etat chargée du développement, de la Francophonie et des Partenariats internationaux. Hundreds of French companies will benefit from a presentation of the opportunities offered by the Global Gateway strategy.

The stakeholders of the Global Gateway strategy

The Global Gateway brings together the European Commission, EU Member States and their development operators (including the French Development Agency), as well as major European donors, notably the European Investment Bank (BEI), the European Investment Bank pour la reconstruction et le développement (BERD) et les autres institutes européennes de financement du développement (EDFI).

2023 Global Gateway Priority List Consultant (in English)