Depuis Avril 2019, les garagistes ont obligation de proposer des pièces d’accasion pour remplacer certains éléments endommagés.

Public report

Donner le choix: c’est l’un des objectifs of loi sur la energetic transition. In the world of the car, it is a good idea to make an obligation for the garage owners to offer access points for certain repairs.

The contracts are different. Not to mention the sides are motionless . The little things (frequette plaques by example) n’entrent en revanche pas dans ce cadre. All of the safeguards or liaisons can be assembled and are not removable.

The circular economy

A specific norm is in place to assure the quality of exchange rates. The agit du label PIEC, for “issues of circular economy”. The elements are eligible for this day’s service center of the Horticultural Vehicles Center (VHU), which is located in the local prefecture. Ces centrs sont les seuls à pouvoir accorder le label PIEC à des pièces d’occasion.

It certifies the courses, conformity and safety of the elements. This is not the case of private houses in particular. Plus, the ecological interest is important, with recycling of used items. Enfin, financially speaking, the consumer is a gangster, the most popular things are the most beautiful ones. Le tout sans le contraindre a acheter des pièces d’occasion, puisque les garagistes n’ont qu’une obligation d’information.

Access points without passing by the garage

At the current time, a passage through the garage is not, well, it is obligatory to buy the cars of the cars for the quality of the auction. Divers sites are available to this opportunity. This is not only the case of Ovoko, plus the grand port of the cars of the European Union. This is the final assembly of the 1,751 vendors of used cars, including dismantlers and recyclers. The total.

The name of the majority of brands is represented, all of them models with. For you are not sorry, a team of professionals is also present. Leur but is aiguiller les consommateurs. And you don’t have to worry about it, a 14-day court guarantee. An alternative in the line to the physical garage.

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