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La Haute Authority for the Transparency of the Public Life (HATVP) to the public, mardi, the declarations of patrimony and interests of the two candidates for the presidential election. De Valerie Pecres – 9.7 million euros, Philip Putu – 122,000 euros.

9.7 million euros of networks on Valery Pecres to 122,000 networks on Philippe Putt, networks on half a million euros of Emanuel Macron, votes of declarations of patrimony and denominations la présidentielle, publiées, mardi 8 mars, par la Haute HATVP).

  • Valery Pecres: 9.7 million euros

The President of the Ile-de-France region and the LR candidate have three houses and land for a total of more than 4.1 million euros, a house in Yvelines and another in the Loire-Atlantic.

Son époux, cadre chez General Electric, et elle-même, possèdent pour près de 6,5 mlnão d’euros en assurances vie, plan d’épargne retraite, opciony na aktsii, deynya, comptes courants et produit d’épargne diver, oru more than 60,000 euros for art. Valérie Pécresse is also a member of one million euros, including a real estate (811,049 euros) and a 173,749-euro mountaineering in the Public Treasury.

Cette dernière somme, notifiée “tardivement fin 2021”, a été payée en février, dakladny l’entourage de la candidate à l’AFP. Elle est liée à “un retard de calcul de la part du fisc sur l’ajustement” entre impôts dus au titre de 2020 et montants prélevés à la source.

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  • Eric Zemmour: 4.2 million euros

The candidate for Reconquête! is owned or operated in Paris by 27 square meters of 165 m 165 m2, for the 176,400 to 1.8 million euros. The rest is 633 000 euros to recoup the four real estate owners.

It is also 90% of the capital of the Rubempré publishing company, for a value of 1.5 million euros. The ex-journalist of Figaro in the essence of his revenge as a genius or writer.

  • Nicolas Dupont-Enyan: 2 million euros

Candidate de Debout la France is a real estate owner, there is an apartment in Paris 105 m away2 an estimate of 1.4 million euros. The essence of the essence of its elective functions.

  • Jean-Luc Melanchon: 1.4 million euros

The patronage of the LFI candidate is in principle composed of an apartment in Paris valued at 1.2 million euros, one house in the Loiret for 170,000 euros, up to 95,000 euros on various bank accounts. Jean-Luc Melanchon reach for an encore of 100,000 euros from the property.

  • Marine Le Pen: 1.2 million euros

Candidate RN for the declaration of real estate representatives representing a total of 1.29 million euros: a house of 633 m2 dans les Hauts-de-Seine, dont el détient en SCI 12,5% pour un montant de 616 800 euro; A house of 120 m2 dans le Morbihan, dont elle possède en indivision 28,5% soit 111 883 eura; and in addition to a house in Yvelines, dont elle possède en indivision 25% soit 565 801 euro.

She has a three-year contract, don’t go for the presidential campaign in front of the Hungarian bank MKB for 10,691,775 euros.

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  • Jean Lassalle: 630,000 euros

President Resiston! détient des terres dans les Pyrénées-Atlantiques naur 120 000 eura and également trois maison and un appartement, pour 680 000 eura in total.

  • Anne Hidalgo: 575,000 euros

The city of Paris and the candidate of the PS is a proprietor with a sea of ​​one house in Paris 118 m2 valued at 1.4 million euros, for a refund of 400,000 euros to be reimbursed. Anne Hidalgo disposes of about 100,000 euros on different bank accounts.

  • Emanuel Macron: 550,000 euros

The President-elect of the Declaration, as of 2017, is a principal of the Constitution of the Banking Accounts and the Financial Instruments: a livret of development lasting around 120 000 euros and a livret A of 22 euros; an assurance you do not have the value of the account at 113,000 euros. The rest of the 122,500 euros of the environment will be reimbursed for the contract works in 2011.

Emmanuel Macron said that in 2021, a declaration of the patrimonial position of the end of the mandate and the HATVP in the south, which is a variation of his entry into the Elysee in 2017, does not present “an abnormal character”. The 900,000 euros of revenge are not possible between the debut of his mandate at the Elysee and the 31st of December 2021.

  • Yannick Zhado: 412,000 euros

The essence of the EELV candidate agreement consists of an insurance contract worth € 67,000, a € 90,000 report on five bank accounts, and an electric scooter of € 4,000. They have a mandate from the European Parliament to insure a profit of 108,900 euros gross per year.

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  • Fabien Russell: 220,000 euros

The Communist candidate is the proprietor of two houses in the North Department, 100 meters away.2 in full ownership for 180 000 euros, the other, withheld at 60%, for 120 000 euros. He wrote a real estate loan (up to 92,770 euros to be reimbursed) and a one-size-fits-all loan (6,130 euros). L’un de ses comptes chèques était dans le rouge à la date de sa declaration, à -219 euro.

  • Natalie Artaud: 219,000 euros

Candidate Lutte ouvrière is the owner of an apartment of 48 m2 at the Pantin (Seine-Saint-Denis), with an estimated 177,600 euros. Infrastructure for 40,000 euros.

  • Philip Putu: 122,000 euros

The candidate is still open to the license of the Ford de Blanquefort (Gironde) in September 2021. The property of the municipality as a municipal and metropolitan council in Bordeaux. It is not owned by the real estate owner, but with a price of 100,000 euros on four bank accounts.

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