This is an instant immigrant of the Presidential Investment Ceremony of 1881. The Grand Chancellor of the Legion of Honor after the official proclamation of the results of the President of the Constitutional Council.

Ce samedi, the expert accompanying the presentation of the Grand Colier de la Légion d’honneur, is rehearsing in the identity of General Puga, acting in 2017, and President Emmanuel Macron. In 1966, General Catroux and General De Gaulle were appointed to a second term.

In the course of the investment ceremony of Nicolas Sarkozy, his son-in-law, Louis, this intriguing moment was a couple of great keychains. The bijou reste une enigme aux yeux du grand public. Sa value aussi. He explained everything to you.

A real collier?

Realized or massive, the grand collier of the Legion of Honor is worth about 952 grams. But it is not a bijou, nor an honorary decoration. This is the symbol of the function of the Grand Master of the Legion of Honor, plus the height of the Order, do not systematically support the French conductors after their investment.

Why do you?

En tant que grand maître de la Légion d’honneur, le chef de l’État statue en dernier ressort sur toutes les questions careant l’institution. This is, of course, the validity of the nominations and the promotion of destinations to compensate for military and civilian merits in all domains.

When is the port?

In reality, this collie is not a port for the presidents. Jusqu’à l’investiture de Georges Pompidou, le collier était présenté autour du cou du nouvel élu investi. Valery Giscard d’Estaing – the modernizer of the bustle of the investment ceremony. The collier is a simple addition to the president.

When did you create this?

The creation of this collier was renovated in 1804. In the epoch, it was an insignia of honor that Napoleon was able to offer or offer great graces or family members. Su la IIIis Republic, the collie devient the emblem of the President of the Republic.

The collie who was present at the Emmanuel Macron date of 1953. This was realized by the celebrity joyaller Arthus-Bertrand, who is also in charge of the convention of the mercenaries of the Mérentailles of the Territorial Land. ..).

Conception is a representation of the ferro art of Raymond Subes and architect Andre Arbus

What does it mean?

The collier is composed of serial maillines with, in the center, the monogram HP (Honneur et Patrie, la devise de l’ordre) and the style of the Legion of Honor. Surrounding the mail is represented by one of the great activities of the nation and reverse the name of the President of the Republic with the election of his election. In 2017, Emanuel Macron was named “Industry and Trade”. Ce samedi, il heritera du maillon «connaissance du monde».

A choke arbitrator

The presidents do not agree with the subject of their maillon. The law is attributed to the officer. Lors de sa fabrication en 1953, le premier maillon Architecture et sculpture avait été retrospectivement gravé au nom de Vincent Auriol, élu en 1947.

After Emmanuel Macron, two other postmen (Music and Painting, Science) resteront to attribute. Dans dix ans, il faudra créer un nouveau collier.

Is it preserved?

The passive investment ceremony, the grand collier of La Légion d’honneur n’est pas rangeé dans la boîte à bijoux des locataires de l’Élysée. Take transport with you well, the report on the investment of the Museum of the Legion of Honor in Paris.

The establishment, situated on the face of the Musée d’Orsay, is timed to close the jubilee season. In return, the Republic of Serbia will be presented to the public, with the two precedents of existing colliers, the Empire and the IIIis Republic.