The month of May? A long time ago we were considered to be who we are, but we have to declare our declaration of revenge! Les Français ont en effet jusqu’au 31 mai (au lieu du 19 initialement prévu) pour verifier et compléter leurs declarations de revenus 2021 préremplie au format papier. This practice is about 5% of the shares, which is the total amount of contributing effective results in online sales.

For others, without additional actions: on May 24 for the departments in numbers 1 (Ain) to 19 (Arez) and non-residents, on May 31 for the departments of numbers- 20-S Corse (Corse) at 54 (Мёрт і Мозель ), and on June 8 for the departments of numbers 55 (Maas) to 976 (Mayotte).

Are there any other departments that have the time to find out about the numerical declaration? The discrepancies between the two different limits and this one in 2003, according to Le Parisien, in the buttocks of the possible bugs of informatics are available in the very large number of connections on the site of the Public Treasury. Surtout in the last right line, when, with the force of a plus, you can retreat to the foot of the wall!

Dusa against injustice

Mais le découpage n’a pas toujours avantagé ou désavantagé les mêmes population. From 2003 to 2009, it was established on the basis of academic zones determined by the dates of school holidays, especially the Fisc at our conferences. In a souvenir of equity, every year, he goes on a roller coaster between the zones, which is not to be favored. But in 2010, the new system was located in the residence zone, and we know the best things to do, and this is my place. Depuis, les Savoyards (73), les Alsaciens (67 et 68) ou les Mosellans (57) sont mieux lotis que les Côte-d’Oriens (21), les Isérois (38) ou les Meurthois (54) avec une semaine de plus, chances of chance to report to Aveyronnais (12) or to Allies (03) -two weeks-! A “injustice” that prolongs time … Just when?

What sanctions for retardators?

If you have done this, you will be able to save the most of your penalties:

– 10% in the absence of mass in death. This is the act by which a creditor exits the debtor at the time of his restitution, but he is also in a state of domination of interests and interests. It is addressed by letter of recommendation with the act of reception or by the act of huissier;

– 20% of the declaration of the deposit of 30 days in the afternoon;

– 40% thank you for declaring this deposit in the 30 days following the reception of a mass in death.

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