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On the eve of the press conference, which took place on May 20, the embassy of the dialogue between Emmanuel Macron and Vladimir Poutine .

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L’Ukraine, of course, on the occasion of one of the names of those who will be born on May 20. The World concentrate on diplomatic will with a dossier titled “The Impact of the Macron-Poutine Dialogue”.

Le quotidien constate que le tandem franco-allemand est à la peine. Selon le quotidien français, Emmanuel Macron et Olaf Scholz lack d’authorité depuis le debut de la guerre en Ukraine, parce qu’ils sont supplantés par l’engagement “treres volonariste” des États-Unis et le retour’Otan de force, ce which will be organized by the States of Central Europe and the Baltic States, a total alignment of the American positions and convocations plus which jamais that all American paraples can assure security. The World Rappelle que le francés president et le cancelier allemand sont toujours visitus à Kiev, où ils n’ont pas mis le pied, depuis le debut de l’invasion de l’Ukraine…

Vladimir Putin, the son of Côte, is present this war against Ukraine as a conflict of civilization against the West Côtés de leur peuple »Sauf qu’il ya un petit problème: la propre fille de Vladimir Poutine semble faire partie de ces Russes qui aiment beaucoup l’Europe de l’Ouest … Une enquête du journal britannique The Guardian Revelation that Katerina Tikhonova is rendezvous in Allemagne plus 50 of these two years ago, or she will enter a liaison with a ballet dancer who will appeal to Igor Zyalenski. Mais l’homme est russe, sans lien de parenté avec le presiden ukrainien.

He was one of the leaders of the Russian regime with the cult of personality that entoure Vladimir Poutine, the idea that he is not up to Russia. Aux États-Unis, The Washington Post We affirm that the Republican Party is not a “political party in the traditional sense of the term” but an organization that practices a culture of personal personality and a program that responds to theories of the complex. A cult of personality, this is Donald Trump. The theory of the complex, it is the goal of pretending that the presidential election of 2020 will be held (this is the appeal of “Le grand mensonge”)

If American women speak in the language of the motherland, this is the part where the general elections of my mandate are prevented in November, and what the participation rate is is basically. The Washington Post written: “We have to revive Trumpism, religion and its debut of fascism … so much of it.” In clear, an appeal to the electorate to the urns.

Toujours aux États-Unis, this alert New York Times : of the plus and plus of young players anxious about social and social issues. Selon and the California magistrate, “the social issues are the end of the world to get rid of pills”. However, the consumption of these drugs without ordinance, the agit de faux (contrafaçons), which contains fentanyl, an equivalent of heroin. The platforms are ready to react, and to have an idea of ​​the phenomenon of the phenomenon, Snapchat a, to the sun, retrieving 144,000 sets of drugs from the drugstore on the six sixteenth day of the month.

Social resources are also revolutionary in terms of consuming and diffusing. And the process in the course of Johnny Depp is against the fact that the actress Amber Heard did a little TikTok dance in another category. The World Titled sur la “tabloization” in TikTok. The content that has a multitude of accounts to understand, analyze, comment on and account for the process, helpful in working with the producers of television series and mass production.

To give an idea of ​​the volume to be recorded, the hashtag #justiceForJohnnyDepp, in favor of the actor, accumulated 12.4 billion views. A problem, of course, soul The World, car une popular populaire s’exerce à travers les reseaux sociaux. Et dans ce cas-là, une campagne de dínigrement massive dont est Victim Amber Heard, secée de ne pas être credible.

Enfin, the men are multiplied to traverse the world after the death of Vangelis. The Greek composer of electronic music, one of the authors of the original legends of the films “Fire Chariots”, “Runner on the Blade” or “1492: Christophe Colomb” is mortal in Paris at the age of 79. The news of this decade is evidently also in one of the Greek presses. Au-delà de tout ce qu’on connaît sur Vangelis, sachez qu’il ya aussi une planet, qui a été renommée à son nom.

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